keyboard problems

  charlieh34 11:47 10 Feb 2007

my laptop keyboard is playing up when I press a key the letter comes up but also the one next to it when i type eg; t will come up as ty etc any clues to whats wrong with the settings the keyboard is clean.
thanks all

  Totally-braindead 12:32 10 Feb 2007

It sounds like its sticking, there hasn't been anything spilt on it Coke for example.

  charlieh34 13:40 10 Feb 2007

no nothing been spilt that im aware of anyway

  Totally-braindead 13:45 10 Feb 2007

I don't suppose its still under guarantee is it? If it is I would be very hesitant about doing anything to it. Better to return it.

If you have a normal PC keyboard you could plug that in and use it instead of the laptop keyboard and this would confirm its the keyboard thats causing it and not something to with windows.

  charlieh34 13:48 10 Feb 2007

unfortunatly its not under warranty anymore your right it works ok with a ps2 keyboard plugged in i reckon its something to do with windows.

  brundle 13:50 10 Feb 2007

I would agree with `Totally-braindead` - keyboard problem, not Windows.

  Arnie 14:08 10 Feb 2007

Do you feel confident enough to try to open the keyboard cover. This will possibly allow you to see what is happening as you press one key at a time?

Or, try using a small tool to hook up the key to the one you press. This should obviate a mechanical problem.
Presumably it is not a membrane type keyboard?

Empirical methods are always worth a try.

  Arnie 14:10 10 Feb 2007

Not concentrating!

  charlieh34 14:10 10 Feb 2007

ok il try to open the keyboard cover and see whats happening

  Totally-braindead 14:15 10 Feb 2007

If an external keyboard works fine then it cannot be windows. It must be the keyboard on the laptop.

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