Keyboard problem

  DPD 18:43 07 Feb 2004

I'm using Win 98SE

After installing a new motherboard, Athlon and memory formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows - I've found that the @ symbol and the " symbol have swopped places on my keyboard. Any ideas on how I move them back to their rightful positions? Everything else seems OK.


  Jester2K 18:47 07 Feb 2004

Control Panel, Regional Settings (or might be under Keyboard).

Switch to UK not US.

  critic-al 18:49 07 Feb 2004

go to control panel and in regonal and language options make sure you settings are in english uk

  DPD 19:10 07 Feb 2004

Thanks guys for putting me on the right track.
It was in Keyboard - languages. I was in US mode rather than British. Glad to be back in the Motherland...!

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