Keyboard and pad on acer laptop

  KenAust 10:40 19 May 2009

My keyboard and pad on my laptop does not work, nor does my internet wireless card, I did plug in a normal keyboard and it worked but overall there is still a problem.
I started the laptop in safe mode with network and,. the laptop keyboard and pad work fine and my wireless card connected, but when i go back to normal mode the problem is there again, also the computer will not turn off, only way i can get it to turn off is remove the battery.

Anyone got any ideas thanks

  raziel08 10:44 19 May 2009

hi have you opened the laptop up to ensure that all of the cables are secured in place? also have you tried to update the drivers?

  KenAust 10:51 19 May 2009

all the cables are secure, i have wiped the hard drine and restored it to original and still had the same problem, all cables are secured, but everything works fine in safe mode with networking, so i would think it would have to be a conflict in normal mode

  mooly 11:51 19 May 2009

If the laptop is unmodified,have you tried doing a factory restore, Acers have a recovery partition for this. This returns it to out of the box condition.

  KenAust 00:19 20 May 2009

yep thats all been done, everything has been restored to original, only extra i put on is Dlink, my wireless network, and still the problems exist, cant understand why, it sounds like a conflict somewhere as everything works ok in safe mode with networking

  mooly 07:47 20 May 2009

Never heard of Dlink. Is that a network card you have fitted ? If the laptop is physically as it was delivered, no additions, then factory restore should work, otherwise it sounds like you have problems. Nothing in the BIOS is there that could be disabling the keyboard... just guessing I don't know.

  Taff™ 09:36 20 May 2009

What model Acer please? This happened to one of my clients yesterday and although I fixed the problem I don`t know how! His was a Travelmate 4060 series. Did you by any chance download the latest iTunes update?

  KenAust 13:12 21 May 2009

thanks guys, I have found the problem, it was a faulty driver for keyboard, not sure how it became currupt, but i uninstalled the driver and let the laptop re install it
and bingo, everything worked, this morning it was back to the same after receiving updates from Windowa, so I disabled that and uninstalled the driver again, will let u know if it stays fixed, thanks again guys

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