keyboard not typing correctly

  nonowtatall 19:36 04 Dec 2008

just bought a new keyboard and it is not typng the correct letters when i type the AT sign a another symbal appears also other thigs are not typing right

  iqs 19:45 04 Dec 2008

Go into control panel,then regional setting.Make sure all the setting including the keyboard layout are set for the UK.

  iqs 19:48 04 Dec 2008

forgot to mention,when selecting the keyboard layout,you need to remove the US entry,lust leave UK.

  nonowtatall 20:24 04 Dec 2008

i am on windows xp pro i tried that but nothing happend is that not for changind the way the date etc is put in there is nothng about keyboard layout

  tullie 20:38 04 Dec 2008

There are three different tabs you have to click from memory to change everything to uk.

  iqs 20:46 04 Dec 2008

control panel,regional and language options,language tab,details,default input language should be English UK,under installed services remove the US keyboard,just leave the UK option

  nonowtatall 20:46 04 Dec 2008

what memory and tabs

  iqs 20:48 04 Dec 2008

regional options tab(first tab top left) should all state UK

  tullie 21:44 04 Dec 2008

Err,from my memory

  birdface 10:25 05 Dec 2008

Try following this. Regional & language options.English Uk in both dropdown boxes.Then into Languages.Details,English Uk in the dropdown box and in the large box.In the large box if it also gives you English US Remove the US Version.

  natdoor 10:57 05 Dec 2008

It is being assumed that the problem lies with the keyboard interpretation setting in inthe OS. This is probably correct but many keyboards sold here are US versions. If nonowtatall had a UK keyboard and now has a US version, he would need to change the seting to US.

On a UK keyboard the parenthesis (") is with number 2, while on a UK one the @ symbol is there.

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