Keyboard & Mouse Combo set

  NotSureBoutThis 02:32 04 Jan 2007


I’m thinking at buying a Cordless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Combo set, can anyone suggest some recommendations, as a newbie to computers I do not want to spend too much money at this stage.

Would I also require a mouse recharge?

Thanks in advance

  [email protected] 02:45 04 Jan 2007

hi, i tried the microsoft and the logitech but batteries lasted a week at the most! i do play a lot of games, but have gone back to my wired keyboard and a rechargable laser mouse, have a lot of mates who also had this problem, nothing worse than playing an on line game and the batteries go, also had problems where if your using the mouse for a game the keyboard power standby would come in and screen would revert to desktop to tell you this so you have to press a key every couple of minutes or so, to be honest with all the wires and trans recieveres you have to stagigally place around your feet i really found it a complete hassle i could do without

  Taff™ 03:47 04 Jan 2007

click here Complete with 6 rechargeable batteries and a charger that runs off the USB wireless transmitter. Batteries last over a week and I use mine about 4 hours a day on average. The mouse and keyboard go into sleep mode after 5 minutes or so of inactivity. Clicking the mouse brings everything back to life so no problems like adman 2.

  NotSureBoutThis 05:27 04 Jan 2007


Thanks for your honest opinion, that's what I'm worried about.

  NotSureBoutThis 05:29 04 Jan 2007

Thanks taff

Are you referring to the Genius Twin Touch Luxe Mate Pro, as there are a couple of others on that link.

  NotSureBoutThis 05:35 04 Jan 2007

Just to add.

With so many different makes on the market, and varying prices, I'm finding the all the information mind-boggling.

  AndySD 05:47 04 Jan 2007

I would advise you to go down to PC World where they have them on display, you can then place your hand over the mouse and see if it feels comfortable also try the keyboard to see how the typing feels.

Saying that I still use a wired Keyboard and Trackball on the PC as I can't yet see the piont of wireless keyboards. If I am far enough away that the cable doesn't reach then the chances are I cant read the screen.

I do have a a good wireless mouse for using with my laptop. Its the Logitech MX 1000 and I chose it because it felt perfect in my hand in the shop. Ok so it cost more than I wanted but I dont regret paying it as its so comfortable for my sized hand.

  AndySD 05:55 04 Jan 2007

Ooops I am not saying to buy that mouse find one that is comfortable for your size of hand. The simplest way is to try them, you will know when its right.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:36 04 Jan 2007

OK Andy

Thanks for the advice

Much appreciated

  Taff™ 06:16 05 Jan 2007

Yes - The Luxemate Pro. Have to agree with AndySD though. Try a few first to make sure the mouse is comfotable and you like the "feel" of the keyboard keys.

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