Keyboard Issues

  Sams0n 22:45 25 Aug 2008

Well,it started after getting my new PC, ( Quadcore 3.2.ghz, with 4gb ram and 1tb HDD with the 9800gx2) and i brought it for gaming and movie edditing.. but when i come down to the gaming part my character moves for me without me pressing any keys on my keyboard!! as this got annoying i thought that it was my old 3year old wireless keyboard which ran out of batteries as this was the symptons that it use to do.. so i replaced the batteries and the moving still continued! so i thought maybe the keyboard is broken, so i decided to by the highly recommended microsoft wired keyboard which is meant to quite good! but the moving continues.. im completely puzzled because i dont know what the problem is with it.. This only happens while gaming though, i recently wrote two essays and the typing was fine with no ghosting what so ever!

just hoping maybe someone could help because its rather annoying...

Thankyou for reading


  rdave13 22:52 25 Aug 2008

A similar thing happens on my settup but it's the continual 'firing' on some games. Took me a while to figure out what it was. Happened to be the usb controller for my UPS. Disabled the control for the UPS and games run ok.
Check what other hardware you have connected to your usb ports and remove one by one incase they affect gaming.

  Sams0n 23:23 25 Aug 2008

how can i do this?.. im using the keyboard port!!

how would i check this on Vista 64bit Ultimate please :)

thankyou for responding


  rdave13 23:33 25 Aug 2008

Not explaining this very well. I have an Uninterruptible power supply unit which is controlled via an usb port. For some reason the firmware which works this UPS seems to affect some games on my PC. If I exit the program that controlls the UPS then games work fine. Have you any hardware (other than keyboard) connected to any usb port?
As a process of elimination then remove one by one to see if your game will then play ok. If you haven't try removing the drivers for your keyboard and use the windows generic drivers and see if that works.

  Sams0n 23:41 25 Aug 2008

well the only USB devices ive got connected is the USB mouse and the USB wireless adapter!!

and i dont know what you mean by windows generic driver..


Thankyou For Helping Sams0n

  rdave13 23:58 25 Aug 2008

So your keyboard is connected via ps/2 (purple connection)? You have nothing else, exept the mouse and wireless adaptor.
Have you used a driver for the mouse or just plug and play (generic driver supplied by vista)?

  Sams0n 00:30 26 Aug 2008

yep im using the purple connect for my keyboard and i havent used any driver for my mouse... just plug in and play!!

its really annoying lol :P

  rdave13 09:47 26 Aug 2008

It sound like a software clash. Problem is what? The one causing the problem for me is Unitek power check. I exit that and all is ok. Can only suggest that some running software could be causing it. Sorry I can't help further and hope you find the culprit and I know how annoying it can be as it's impossible to play some games.

  Sams0n 14:42 26 Aug 2008

would it help if i was to get a USB keyboard?.. so there isnt any way i can sovle this from just keeping my setup which i have already..?

hope its not too big of a problem, bcos my new pc is lovely haha :p

cheers for helping me


  Ditch999 15:04 26 Aug 2008

Try right clicking on the icons beside the clock and shutting them down/exiting them to see if its one of them.
Is all your software 64bit compatible?

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