Keyboard has stopped working

  Gray3 23:29 15 Apr 2007

The keyboard to my desktop PC no longer works or the mouse. I have tried the keyboard and mouse with my laptop and they both work fine. However, when plugged into the normal usb on the PC the keyboard shows no life i.e pressing the cap or number lock, no light shows. If I plug the mouse into the same usb slot it lights up but does not work and if I plug it back into the keyboard usb and the keyboard back into it's normal usb slot the light doesn't even come on. If the drivers need to be restored how can I do that without having a working keyboard or mouse? or is it going to be a hardware issue? Has anyone any suggestions?

  skidzy 23:36 15 Apr 2007

Is this working from a wireless base station that connects via usb ?

If so,look on the base station for a reset button and reboot the pc.

I know you say no life in the keyboard,but try tapping F8 on startup and if this works,try a system restore.

Alterntively try a different keyboard/mouse.

  wilfyboy 00:36 16 Apr 2007

my keyboard is usb wireless and has a reset button under one of the keyboard fold in feet also if it wireless it might be worth checking the batteries. good luck

  Gray3 00:15 17 Apr 2007

I do have a wifi PC but the keyboard and mouse are the normal plug in type. I did try using the F8 button first but it didn't do anything. I will try another keyboard and mouse, although when I tried these ones with the laptop they worked okay. I'll give it a go though and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks to you both your help.

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