Keyboard gone mad

  Ray5776 10:06 17 Apr 2006

I am using a different one now before someone asks.
I was typing an Email last night when the keyboard seemed to go haywire for no apparent reason i.e. would not work at all or would put in huge spaces between words, then got even worse if I typed in a letter i.e. n I would get something like four P`s and ten 6`s appear on the screen and various other gibberish. Keyboard is a `Tiny` PS2 connection only about 3months old, any ideas please.


  Taff™ 10:37 17 Apr 2006

Have you tried using a different keyboard or is this part two of an ongoing problem? What happens if you reboot the computer - does this temporarily cure the problem?

  Audeal 11:29 17 Apr 2006

I had a similar problem with a USB keyboard a few months ago. I found that sometimes it would not even type anything. I just re-inserted the USB plug and all was well. So try checking that the PS2 plug is inserted and seated correctly.

  Ray5776 11:44 17 Apr 2006

I am currently using another keyboard with no problems, not an ongoing thing, just happened out of the blue.
Checked the connections as first port of call.
Tried the faulty? keyboard on another computer and could not even type in the password.
For what they cost I may as well just buy a replacement but I am puzzled as to what causes this sort of thing.


  johnnyrocker 11:45 17 Apr 2006

i would suggest either sticky keys or a spillage prob?


  spuds 11:52 17 Apr 2006

Remove the plug, check that its clean, the re-install, also make sure no kinks or damage to the cable. Also check that the keyboard as no foreign bodies between the keys. As a final check, look to see that the keyboard is in the English/English mode, and not English/American mode.

Are you using XP or drivers for installation!.

  Ray5776 12:53 17 Apr 2006

On closer inspection it looks like the keyboard has become a victim of the phantom coffee spiller although they did a good cover up job. Does this mean the end of it or is there anything worth trying.


  spuds 13:57 17 Apr 2006

Cleaning keyboards click here

If that fails, then a new keyboard, from £3.50 upwards, depending on what you want!.

  Stuartli 14:02 17 Apr 2006

You can buy a wireless keyboard and optical mouse from around £15 to £20, mostly A4Tech's excellent products that have been rebadged by other companies.

If you want a Microsoft set for just £20 plus p and p see:

click here

  Ray5776 14:54 17 Apr 2006

Thanks for your help everyone, too late now I have taken it apart and need to be an accomplished microsurgeon to reassemble the thing.
Have ordered a new wireless keyboard and mouse set £16.50, cheap enough and a new toy, never tried anything wireless before.
Thanks again for your suggestions, will tick resolved.


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