Keyboard Failure that isn't

  johnincrete 06:44 20 May 2009

When my PC boots up, the first black & white screen reports "Keyboard Failure" but there appears to be no problem when I use it.

Any ideas?
Do I have a potential problem? - the KB is about 5 years old.
It's the one that came with my Dell PC

  ened 07:42 20 May 2009

Try plugging in another keyboard and see if you still get the message.

To be honest, so long as it is working, I wouldn't worry.

I have two internal and two external Hard Drives in my machine and the first screen to which you refer reports 'No Hard Drives Detected'!

  keef66 12:39 20 May 2009

is it a usb keyboard? Maybe it's looking for a ps2 keyboard. Have a look in the bios for something like enable usb during boot?

  johnincrete 04:51 21 May 2009

Thanks. How do I look at the bios? I treat my computer like my car: it's a tool to do a job. I don't usually need to bother how it works and if there is a problem, I talk to experts. So, although you cannot look at PA forums without knowing of the existance of bios, I have no idea how to look at it. So can you tell me what keys to press and when please?

  ened 06:17 21 May 2009

Try this: Press the F8 key continuously after turning it on. If that doesn't work try again with the 'Del' key. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Be very careful that, if you make any changes, they are the ones you intend. Do not press the Save Changes Key if you have any doubt that you have inadvertently changed anything else.

If in doubt 'Exit without making Changes' and have another go.

Should it not work or you are not happy go back in immediately and undo the changes or 'reset defaults'

You may find that you are unable to get into the BIOS. In which case plug in a PS2 keyboard and the above instructions will work.

  keef66 10:47 21 May 2009

my pc requires me to tap the del key repeatedly as it is starting up to get into the bios.

It is a series of simple dos based screens, and navigation instructions are given at the bottom of the screen. You move around and change things using just a handful of arrow keys, F keys, enter, esc, + and -, so if the keyboard is not working during bootup as ened says you might not get that far and a ps2 keyboard is your solution.

I'd personally just ignore it as long as everything works ok

  woodchip 12:07 21 May 2009

Normally this is a motherboard fault when that is generated

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