"keyboard error or no keyboard present"

  Arni 14:27 17 Apr 2003

On turning the machine on I get the black screen with the EPA Pollution Preventer showing, and the bottom line says 'Keyboard Error or no keyboard present. Press F1 to continue DEL to enter SETUP'.
The keyboard does not work, even trying CTRL+ALT+DEL. Have also tried to access the BIO but keyboard not working.
I have plugged in a different keyboards and this did not work either.
On a couple of occasions about a month ago or so when I have been experiencing this problem, the PC occasionally when switching on fires into life and runs OK. But this has not happened for the past few weeks though. On turning on, the lights on the keyboard flash once, and then go out, and then the keyboard is unresponsive.
Could it be a problem with the keyboard port in the back of the 'box'? I suspect it might also be a motherboard problem.
The computer is a Mesh Matrix 1300, purchased in 2000 on PCAdvisor recommendation. I have been in touch with Mesh, and am still waiting for a solution, although they have replied to my email.
Please help me get my PC back to life! Thank you.

  short-circuit 22:47 17 Apr 2003

When you switched the keyboards for a known working one, did you switch the machine off while you were doing the switch over?

What type of keyboard connection do you have? Does it look like any of the pins in the connector are bent or does everything look OK?


  Arni 13:11 19 Apr 2003

First, thanks very much for replying!
Yes, did turn off and change keyboard.
Connection is normal not USB, and pins all look OK.
Any ideas?

  MAJ 13:38 19 Apr 2003

I suspect it might be that PS2(??) connection on the back of the tower, Arni. Just as a matter of interest, have you tried your keyboard on another computer and did it work if you have? If it is that PS2 connection, you might have to buy a USB connected Keyboard or get the connection fixed. Personally I would go for the new keyboard option. There is another option for connecting your present keyboard if it's okay, though. You could buy a PS2 to Serial port convertor, from your local PC shop for about £4 or £5. You can see one if you click here and scroll down until you see "PS2 to 9pin Serial Male Convertor #CC13".

  Diemmess 16:04 19 Apr 2003

Is it possible that you have switched mouse and keyboard PS2 sockets. .....It can be done and gives the dire result you have.

  Arni 19:39 21 Apr 2003

Thanks again for the replies -and on your
Easter holidays! I will try the USB keyboard option - I can borrow one from a guy at work to see this does the trick. I didn't think of that.
The mouse and keyboard plugs are the right way round, Diemmess - thanks anyway.
Will also see if I can go the PS2/Serial port converter route if USB keyboard doesn't work.
Will let you know how I get on. Thanks MAJ.

  Arni 13:37 22 Apr 2003

OK, the USB keyboard worked OK! So it must be a problem with the PS2 port. I'll just get myself a USB keyboard, and hopefully everything will be OK. Let me know if other Mesh computers have had the same problem.
Thanks for all your assistance out there!!

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