Keyboard Disassembly Disaster

  wilf3102 21:13 28 Nov 2004

Hi there,

I though it would be a great idea to spruce up my dirty and crud-filled keyboard.

After taking my time with an old paintbrush i felt myself getting rather adventurous, and soon took out a screwdriver.

After removing all the screws and disassembling my keyboard, i realised this action was totally unnecessary, as the keys are attached on the face plate of the keyboard.
It was only when i attempted a re-assembly that i realised my problem... and the hundreds of rubber thing-a-ma-jigs that go under the keys.

To cut a long story short, i cannot get the keyboard working again.
There is a large sheet of plastic with circuit board wire on it, and i presume this sits under the rubber things and the keys, and this translates the key presses to the circuitboard.

What i am unsure of is how this attaches to the actual circuit board. When i took it all apart i cannot remember if the film was on top of the board or underneath.
The plastic film is actually 3 fine layers, and I dont know if the contacts on the circuitboard sits on top of, below, or inbetween the sheets of the plastic circuitboard.

Any help would be vastly appreciated.
(N.B The keyboard is a Turbo Xwing KB3001 R+, but im sure they're all similar in design)


  stalion 21:16 28 Nov 2004
  woodchip 21:16 28 Nov 2004

Been to a Computer Fair today they had New cheap Keyboard £2.50

  woodchip 21:20 28 Nov 2004

Sorry about this, but the first thing you need if you start to disassemble ANYTHING is a good memory a Pencil and Paper or better still Both.

  mattyc_92 21:21 28 Nov 2004

Hmmmmmm...... You should know that you shouldn't dis-asemble your computer or your computer parts unless you know what you are doing.

The rubber things should fit onto some sort of "platform". Where the rubber things are, there should be one of these "platforms" or you should see a goldy coloured circle in the "white film" (what you call it). This "white film" goes ontop of the curcuit thing that you are talking about....

If worse comes to worse, you will have to buy a new keyboard for around £20

I hope I have helped you (at least a little in any way)

  stalion 21:35 28 Nov 2004

just in case you can not get it back together
click here

  wilf3102 21:39 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for all your rapid responses.

I know i was silly to dismantle the keyboard, but my destructive urges took over !!!

I feel the keyboard has sentimental value, and would love to fix it, rather than but a new one.

I will browse the Howstuffworks site - it never crossed my mind to look there - (thanks stalion for the link)

I'll set about repairing it - lets hope i can undo the damage caused by destructive tendancies.
If in doubt - £2 wont break the bank !!

  spuds 21:39 28 Nov 2004

Some nice pictures click here

  wilf3102 10:25 29 Nov 2004

Hi spuds,

That page may well assist my re-assembly task.

A great webpage - thanks !!!

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