Keyboard blown it`s mind

  Ray5776 11:34 09 Jun 2007

Hello everyone,
I was using a Logitech wireless keyboard on XP pro which was OK but not today. Now some keys do not work at all or they enter anything apart from the key I have pressed.
I am using an old USB keyboard to write this, when I tried the Logitech it just entered a continuous line of = signs into title box.It will also start up Firefox and continuously enter the number 9 without me even touching it. I have tried new batteries to no avail and have now had to remove them to disable it.
Any ideas on this anyone.


  Chris the Ancient 11:41 09 Jun 2007

Maybe electronic interference from some new source nearby?

Have you tried changing the channel sing the button on the bottom of the keyboard or on the receiver?


  Chris the Ancient 11:41 09 Jun 2007

"sing" = "using"

  Ray5776 12:47 09 Jun 2007

Thanks Chris,
how do I try changing the channel?

  anthonystorey 14:03 09 Jun 2007

try some more batteries, my keyboard played up last week very similar to your problem and it was down to old batteries
good luck anyway

  Technotiger 14:05 09 Jun 2007

Also check for keys sticking, maybe some spilt pop or coffee, or biscuit crumbs in keyboard.

  Technotiger 14:07 09 Jun 2007

control panel -> accessibility options -> sticky key settings

  Ray5776 14:21 09 Jun 2007

Thanks Tech,
Sticky keys box is unchecked, I don`t know what is going on here but USB keyboard has now stopped working also, may be coincidence but seems strange. I have had to dig out an ancient thing with the round plug which is what I am now using.
There is no physical evidence of stuck keys, coffee, beer or other contaminants on either keyboard.


  Technotiger 14:39 09 Jun 2007

Have you any other usb peripherals to check that the usb ports are working ok? Or - in Devices un-install and re-install all USB ports.

  Ray5776 15:01 09 Jun 2007

I have tested the USB port with 2 other devices and it works OK but the wireless and the USB keyboard both now like the proverbial DODO, cant enter anything at all on either of them.
The USB keyboard was working earlier, the wireless one was writing gibberish, now nothing.


  Ray5776 15:08 09 Jun 2007

Now getting the found new hardware message but Windows wont recognise it even though it was working earlier.

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