Vintage Grrrl 13:58 16 Apr 2008

Hi, this is my first post, so I do apologise if it's already on here.

It's a small problem and probably really obvious - I need to use a capital 'o' but it comes out as this - 'O', which is a nought. My actual nought key is the same and hasn't changed (I thought they might have been swopped).

How do I get my normal capital 'o' back?


  jack 14:03 16 Apr 2008

Assuming you refer to Word or Similar
the default type style is Times and gives a 'fat' O ass opposed to a tall thin 'zero'

Look at the fronts/type styles and select one that has a style to differentiate.

  Vintage Grrrl 14:05 16 Apr 2008

Ok thanks, but where do I go to to find the font/styles?

  Vintage Grrrl 14:06 16 Apr 2008

I've just noticed that on this website, my 'O' is normal, but on the other website where I needed to use it in a password, it came out as a zero.

Mucho confusio.

  jack 19:49 16 Apr 2008

a different kettle of fish
Simply fill in the form- you do not get the choice of font selection here just the default of the site in question.

  DieSse 23:16 16 Apr 2008

You're confusing what you see with what it really is.

If it's coming out here as a O then it is an O - irrespective of what you think it looks like in a different setting.

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