Key for XP Upgrade

  Davith 17:14 04 Mar 2008

I have a windows XP upgrade CD which I have used on one of my systems. My other system has windows ME installed, which I wish to upgrade to XP. I have already used the key to install on the first machine, is it possible to buy another key from Microsoft to allow the use of my origional installation CD on the second machine? If I just install on the second system using the origional key this will fail after 30 days evaluation period I understand.

  Strawballs 22:29 04 Mar 2008

Phone them up and explain and I think they will sell you a key.

  Davith 09:44 05 Mar 2008

Thanks for the reply Strawballs. I have contacted Microsoft as you suggested. No luck I have to buy another CD package. It appears they only offer licences for 5 or more PC's so I will have to go shopping that is if I can find a an XP Upgrade package!

  ventanas 09:57 05 Mar 2008
  lofty29 10:03 05 Mar 2008

Upgrading to Xp sometimes gives problems you need to do a complete fresh install really

  ventanas 10:20 05 Mar 2008

Which will only be possible if you have a full ME cd with which to verify the upgrade. If you have one of those "recovery discs" it may not work and an upgrade over the top of ME is the only way

  woodchip 10:22 05 Mar 2008

Try installing it with the key you have, They do not keep data for it over too long due to Data Protection

  bjh 10:33 05 Mar 2008

Not true, I think you will find - and if the o.p. then tries to update his original machine by the web??? He'll find he can't get the updates on that machine by your logic.

He's doing the right thing - trying to be 100% legitimate.

Upgrade CDs do allow for a new install over the old os, even if they require "seeing" the old OS on the hdd first.

  ventanas 10:37 05 Mar 2008

Yep, Microsoft do wipe their data after a period of time, which I'm not giving out here.

But there is a risk of such practice falling foul of validation, and of course it would not be legal.

  Davith 17:23 06 Mar 2008

Thanks chaps for all your help. I have bitten the bullet and purchased some new hardware and an OEM SP2 version of XP.

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