@ key and " Key

  inneedofhelp 10:01 20 Apr 2004

Hey guys,
I know there is a simple answer to this, but i just cant do it. When i press the @ key, i get the " key and vice-versa. Please help me fix this.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:04 20 Apr 2004

Go to keyboard in the control panel and change from US to UK.

  end 12:25 20 Apr 2004

thats useful to know!!!!!I"ve had THAT "problem" with the keyboards I use at work and never thought there COULD BE a solution to it; must try it when I am "on site" to se if I CAN do it....but they are on Windows 2000 Professional..???are the "instructions" the same for THAT????...assuming I do not need "administrative rights" to fix it.....;ummm, how DO I "approach" this IN windows 2000 Prof????

  TomJerry 12:40 20 Apr 2004

you do not to be an administrator.

In some wins, you may need to change "Local" and change language from US English to UK English.

  end 12:40 06 May 2004

sorry people; cannot locate the control pannel in Win 2000; can find it in my 98 version but not in the 2000 version at work; can I be pointed through the proceedure to find it?? ta

  TomJerry 12:44 06 May 2004

Click my computer, you will find it there.

Or start menu, under setting.

Cannot find both places, ask administrator, he/she may did some tricks (do not know how) to make it disappear.

  end 13:08 06 May 2004

have already looked in my computer, accessories, start up menue etc; cannot find it; any ideas?? (win 98 is much easier!!)

  Kate B 14:01 06 May 2004

um, my keyboard has them in the wrong place and I just got used to them being there ... is that too obvious a solution?

  inneedofhelp 14:16 06 May 2004

thanks guys, i have managed to sort it now. The only bad thing is that its been like that for so long that i am finding it hard to adjust.

  Taran 14:20 06 May 2004

Many work computers will have the Control Panel or parts of it disabled from view (and use) as a security precaution.

In that case you have to ask your IT people to make the alterations for you, which should have been done as a matter of course anyway during setting the system(s) up.

Any work computers that have been set up by a dedicated IT department and have US language settings anywhere on the system point to IT bods who either don't know what they are doing or who don't care to make sure they do it right.

  Graham ® 14:22 06 May 2004

Your computer at work may be a terminal, with a 'server' being the main computer (I think!). In that case it wouldn't have a Control Panel of its own. All the other PCs would have the same problem and would need someone to log on to the server.

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