Key board is acting VERY strange, please help!!!

  SilverSheepz 08:12 07 Jun 2005

Hi All, newbie to the forum!!

I've had my current keyboard for about 6 months, I look after it, clean it regularly etc, however recently it has started to behave strangely, by this I mean that when I am typing the words on screen lag behind what I am typing, so I can be about 4-5 words ahead on the keyboard but I look up and it is still typing .... another thing is that if I am playing a game, using the directional keys to move around etc, if I hold a a key for too long and then let go, it keeps going in that direction until I press the key again.

It's not the PC as far as I am aware, which is p4 3ghz, 1gb ram running win xp ...

I brought a new key board yesterday, a wireless MS one but it is still doing it...

I've run virus checks, bot checks, trojan checks, adware checks, pretty much everything I can think of...

Can anyone offer any advice please??


  steve263000 08:22 07 Jun 2005

If you have bought a new keyboard, then it MUST be the computer. I know you said that you have done all the checks, but maybe you have picked up a keylogger somewhere. Have you downloaded MS anti-spyware beta? That is really good, and picks up most things.

  stlucia 12:34 07 Jun 2005

If not a keylogger, it sounds like there's something running in the background using so many resources that the key strokes lag behind.

Have you checked Ctrl-Alt-Delete -> Task Manager to see what's running?

  SilverSheepz 21:37 07 Jun 2005

OK, tried MS anti-spware, but it didn't find anything, not suprised as the current checkers I have do a good job, checked task manager, nothing abnormal running there as far as I can tell .... cpu usage is only being used by programmes that I know should be, system idle, firefox etc etc .... anything else you peepz can think of would be appreciated....

Just one thing though .... both the keyboard and mouse are wireless, connect via the wireless thingymabob that connects to the back of the puta .... I've also got a printer that connects via USB, I've just noticed that the problem seems to go away if this printer is turned off, so perhaps this is the cause .... I'm typing fine now with it off, hmmmm any thoughts on this???

  hugh-265156 00:18 08 Jun 2005

try as stlucia said above.

right click your taskbar and select 'task manager/processes'

look at the 'CPU' column and see what process is using the most CPU % time.

Check this with your printer switched on and with it switched off and nothing else running.

if you have no background tasks or programs running then usually the 'system idle process' will show as using the most resourses.

What is the name of the process using the most CPU time please?

  Jak_1 01:09 08 Jun 2005

Sounds like there is a conflict with the printer software, I have my printer on all the time with no problems. Try uninstalling the printer software then re-installing and see if that makes a difference.

  BT 09:29 08 Jun 2005

it could definately be a USB conflict.
My Lexmark X1150 won't work if I have my USB Networking cable plugged in.

  SilverSheepz 21:35 08 Jun 2005

well, i've tried using it with the printer off and unplugged, but still the problem is happening .... I've looked at task manager and the sys idle is using the most cpu, then comes firefox etc etc ... nothing out of the ordinary that I can see ....

It's really getting to me now, it's bloody annoying, say for instance I start a new sentence I depress shift to creat a capital letter let go of it to continue typing lower case sentence but it continues on as if I have pressed caps lock or summing, I have to press it again to get rid of it .... aaarrrghhh ....

  Stuartli 22:26 08 Jun 2005

Have you checked the batteries?

  Stuartli 22:42 08 Jun 2005

If you still have the manual for the mouse and keyboard, check out the setting of the IR transmission for both items.

With mine, for instance, you have to press a button on the bottom of the optical mouse to send a signal to the transmitter; you then press the button on the transmitter before then pressing a similar button on the keyboard's underside.

This has to be done within a certain period of time (in my case it's 25 seconds which is ample).

There's also the possibility you may have another IR control in the vicinity which can affect the keyboard and mouse; again, in my case, it's the remote control for my Twinhan PCI Freeview card, which has to be left a short distance away if resetting the keyboard and mouse IR settings.

  steve263000 07:04 09 Jun 2005

This is just a weird thought, but is perhaps your computer set up for a slow writer? There are settings in the Control Panel/Accesability options for differing keyboard users. Sticky Keys etc. Have a look at that and if anything has changed restore defaults. It's worth a look.

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