Kernell 32 ?

  swanny2 12:00 07 Jan 2005

Hi There all an a Happy New Year..

I got this on me pc.
Kernell 32 caused a general Protection fault in Module User.exe at 0003:0000bab
Then all i had was a option too press close ,But it wouldnt close and me Pc froze i had close down Manually.
What i would like too Know is what this means please.If any one can help.tx.

  VoG II 12:15 07 Jan 2005

What were you doing at the time and what version of Windows are you using?

  swanny2 12:18 07 Jan 2005

hi vog
erm i was opening yahoo messenger and that came up as y/pager has caused an error an will now close.Then that message Kernell came up ...
ive got windows ME..


  JIM 12:26 07 Jan 2005

Have you update the Yahoo messenger over the previous version.

  Mango Grummit 12:36 07 Jan 2005

VoG™ is on the case. That is the exact info required - eg. scanning can often bring up this problem, but other things as well...suggest we let swanny2 to answer VoG™ before anyone posting further.

  Mango Grummit 12:38 07 Jan 2005

Sorry, bit previous there.

  VoG II 12:40 07 Jan 2005

No - please feel free to pitch in everybody! I was just trying to find out what had happened.

There can be so many causes of this type of error that I wouldn't worry too much swanny2, unless it is occurring regularly.

  swanny2 18:48 07 Jan 2005

no it doesnt mate but i do get a lot of times when i open yahoo . the message y/pager has caused a error an will now close .


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