Rikku 08:39 14 Apr 2003

Hi i recently went on a webpage and as soon as i went in my computer got infected with HTML.redolf.a virus (or summat like that) i managed to have all the files repaired except my kernel.dll which is now no where to be found on my coputer i was wondering if you could help me find a new Kernel driver for windows ME or give me a copy of your wndows ME driver. I have attempted to download a kernel.dll from a website but it didnt work because there was an error on line one or sumthing. please help thanks for reading and happy easter!

  -pops- 09:20 14 Apr 2003

Have you read about it click here It may help you get sorted out.


  Rikku 09:38 14 Apr 2003

Nopes i read that last nite and i cant change the things in the files now sonce one of them is gone do you think i should reformat? and re install win ME? i only just reformatted last month because windows xp wouldnt recognise my modem and wudnt uninstall :(

  -pops- 09:47 14 Apr 2003

I hate re-formatting/re-installing but it does seem to be your best option under the circumstances.

Before you do that, check if there are XP drivers for your modem as XP is a much better operating system in comparison to Me. I would go as far as getting a new modem, even!!


  Rikku 09:53 14 Apr 2003

Ive tried to find sum before BUT u gotta sign up for sum o the websites with credit cards and that i got a generic softk56 modem and if i cant find a driver then i will go out and buy a new one.

if you could also help with that modem driver then i would be very happy thanks

- Ashley

  -pops- 09:58 14 Apr 2003

Soft modems, for me, are creations of the devil! Never got one to work effectively.

For what a new one costs nowadays, I would certainly go for a hardware one, even an external so that you can see what it's doing.


  Rikku 18:12 14 Apr 2003

which 1 is better internal or external? and wud it be ok if i left the currant modem in or would i have to take it out?

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