Kernel 32.dll, rpcss, low on resouces etc etc

  missmillen 22:35 05 Jan 2005

A year ago the hard drive died, had it replaced and added extra memory to the pc. Hard drive had to have software so windows ME recognised increased capacity.
System has increasingly become unstable crashing several times in one day. Kernel 32.dll, rpcss error messages coming up and more recently can now only open one application at a time as system says it is low on resources. Then when it crashes, you turn it on and you can hear the hard drive wherring round. Have to wait approx 15mins before turning pc on again to wait for this to stop.

Have uninstalled some third party software but hasnt helped much. Have reinstalled OS when problem first started but problem just creeps back again. Not sure if hardware or software problem.

  AndySD 01:35 06 Jan 2005

What is the total Ram now.

Also do you run a firewall and anti virus.

You could also try something like A2 free version. click here

  missmillen 22:02 12 Jan 2005

Andy SD. Total ram is 512 mb. was 128mb. Also increased hard drive to 40GB from 20Gb.
Have Mcafee anti virus and a fire wall. Did try your web site but as i already have anti virus and firewall didnt download.
Did run virus check and found i had two which mcafee cleaned but problem still persists. Did disc clean which has also helped slightly but error messages still cropping up ie 'dangerously low on resources do you want to close down.....' will say this for iexplorer, and others. The computer crashes, then sounds like hard drive is making werring sound and you cant use it for 20 mins.
What do you reckon I should do?

  AndySD 00:45 13 Jan 2005
  missmillen 21:12 24 Jan 2005

Andy SD - thanks for that. Have stopped many applications starting up at start up which seems to greatly help. Still getting odd messages though like ' Salm not responding' amongst others. And Pc still not shutting down as you can hear what sounds like hard drive wherring round. PC def. a lot better though. Do you know what could be doing the other things?

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