Kelloggs on my keyboard now keys remapped Help!

  BillySilly 13:18 03 Sep 2009

Logged on this morning while eating my Kelloggs, accidentally knocked the spoon handle and got milk from it and the bowl over the keyboard of my Dell Inspiron laptop Yes I know I shouldnt!!

Quickly ran tissues too and fro over the keys which caused lots of indeterminate display changes ending with the screen being rotated 9O degrees Sorted that out but dont know what else changed before this last change!
After drying out the keyboard (without disconnecting the ribbon cable) and rebooting everything works OK except the keyboard
Several of the keys dont work Instead some do strange things like starting up OE or IE search using MSN which I dont use Some give several letters and others run a save
l gives fsdalk while 0 gives 42310 In Word when I type the second row asd etc on typing the colon it changes the a to A
Typing this took an hour with lots of copy and paste
I am wondering if running over the keys may have inadvertently remapped the keyboard
Anyone have any suggestions other than using a restore point

  lofty29 13:33 03 Sep 2009

Get yourself a new keyboard, once this sort of thing happens it is the easiest solution, should only cost a few quid. Tip eat your breakfast away from the PC.

  lofty29 13:35 03 Sep 2009

Sorry only just realised that you were talking about a laptop, but the tip remains, I should look up your house insurance policy.

  BillySilly 13:38 03 Sep 2009

Hi lofty29
Have found them on ebay at £14+ incl p&p just need to know if anything changed while mopping up

  Stuartli 14:15 03 Sep 2009

A case of the key witness proving to be a cereal killer...?

  BillySilly 14:18 03 Sep 2009

Very good one Stuartli

  wee eddie 14:51 03 Sep 2009

I have just recently learnt that the first thing to do after a spillage, is to turn everything off and unplug it, or remove the battery if it's a Laptop.

You can then invert whatever it is, to allow as much of the the fluid to drain away as possible.

Then start mopping up.

  ened 15:01 03 Sep 2009

As wee eddie implied it might be okay after you have dried it out properly.

I take it the Restore Point didn't work.

If the F8 key works you could try booting to last known good configuration.

Are keyboards easy to change on laptops?

If not you might want to 'Restore to Factory Settings' before doing that just to make sure it really is damaged.

  Legslip 15:55 03 Sep 2009

My friend spilt wine on her laptop about a month ago. Took battery out and turned upside down but it still does some very strange things. There is either still moisture in the thing or perhaps the minerals in the wine are causing an electrolysis effect on the pcb's? Are there any ways of beating the problem other than an insurance claim? Is it worth taking to my local PC repairer?

  Woolwell 15:59 03 Sep 2009

My wife spilt a glass of wine on her laptop keyboard a few years ago. Result a drunken laptop with a strange behaving keyboard. Solution - new keyboard installed in the laptop - fortunately under a warranty which catered for accidental damage. It would be still going strong but has now been pensioned off.
You may well have to get the keyboard changed.

  BillySilly 16:26 03 Sep 2009

Well it seems I did everything in the wrong order!
Have found an original keyboard on ebay for a penny less than £13
Have no p fullstop forwards slash etc

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