Keeps dropping internet connection

  PhiltheFragger 16:04 20 Apr 2005

XP SP2. Athlon64 3500
2024MB DDr RAM. 120gb HDD

I connect to the internet via an ADSL wired Router, Im on Wanadoo 30gb Broadband running Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird.

Check the emails with Mailwasher Pro, If I check again,within 2 minutes I get a message to say that no internet connection is available.

Had the same problem with Internet explorer, so think its the router (set to always on) or the LAN or Mailwasher

Any ideas on what to do next

  Yoda Knight 16:07 20 Apr 2005

30 Gb broadband ? I think its to fast for your pc to understand ! lol ;)

  SGT [email protected] 17:01 20 Apr 2005

could be noise on the line or a knackered filter

  PhiltheFragger 19:57 20 Apr 2005

Perhaps I should clarify, I have a broadband connection with a download limit of 30gb per month.

I have changed the filter, also have the latest firmware for the router and latest LAN Drivers

  MikejgL 20:12 20 Apr 2005

Recently took BT three weeks to solve this problem for me. Combination of noise and DACS (multiplexing unit) fitted by BT to save money (for them!) was cause. Report it as fault to BT and keep at them!

  SGT [email protected] 22:12 23 Apr 2005

it dont matter much if you've even got a gold plated pc , if theres noise on the line its still going to drop out

  PhiltheFragger 09:06 24 Apr 2005

On Thursday, the phone line conked out totally,
Fault reported, BT coming round on Monday to take a look.

Will post back with results after their visit


  bof:) 09:27 24 Apr 2005

Hi All,

PhiltheFragger, I'm on NTL BB and I also get 'no internet connection is available.' when I open Mailwasher for the 1st time. I find that if I then open Firefox, wait for it to connect to the net and then open Mailwasher it connects fine.

I thought it was just a glitch in the program. I'm not sure if it can be noise for me because I'm on cable. Also using a wired router and XP home.


  PhiltheFragger 13:15 24 Apr 2005

Thanks Bof, Might mosey over to the mail washer support and see whats happenning there

Report back later

  PhiltheFragger 19:13 25 Apr 2005

Problem Sorted
BT replaced the cable between post and house.
Everything works and no more dropped connections

Thanks for your suggestions

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