keeps crashing

  thetic 00:14 10 Jan 2009

Hi whenever i go to change my screensaver or desktop picture my screen and cursor just freezes and the PC crashes? It reboots and all is well. OK no 'well don't just change them remarks'lol thoughts please.

  mac74lee 00:17 10 Jan 2009

Hi try your memory if u av 2 sticks in. take 1 out try it then try other 1 on its own. hope it works

  thetic 00:26 10 Jan 2009

wow quick response sorry my friend but still PC illiterate thats double Dutch to me? :¬(

  howard64 18:33 10 Jan 2009

Switch off and open the case and look for the memory modules - about 6mm wide and about 120mm long about 25mm high. These have a clip at the end which when pressed down allow the memory module or stick of ram to be removed. If you have more than 1 stick of ram take 1 of them out. Then switch on and try altering your screensaver if the problem has dissappeared that stick of ram was the faulty piece. If the screensaver still freezes put the stick of ram back in and take the other one out and try again.

  thetic 21:38 10 Jan 2009

Cheers howard64 thats a bit to much for me to try my friend. i really don't want to open it when i don't have a clue about the inner workings of a computer :¬(

  howard64 10:50 11 Jan 2009

ok things to try 1. right click my computer then properties. When the page opens up on the right hand side you get info such as which version of windows you are running ie [win xp home service pack 3] further down it shows the cpu you are using such as amd 64 2.8GHz and the amount of installed memory such as 2.0 GB of Ram. This info will tell us here what is being talked about. 2. on the open page click on the hardware tab at the top right of middle. Then device manager and look to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks by any of the lines of info about your pc. If you have then you can tell us which piece of kit is in trouble. Close the page. 3. double left click on my computer and then right click on your c: drive then properties. The chart and info tells how large the hard drive is and how much is free. If your hard drive is almost full windows will be unable to carry out a lot of your requests as it needs hard disk space to operate correctly. I hope I have made these simple checks easy enough for you to follow. Post back with the info and I am sure someone here will be able to help you.

  thetic 20:44 11 Jan 2009

Cheers my friend i will let you no how i get on busy at work at the moment cheers.

  thetic 12:42 12 Jan 2009

Sorted cheers.

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