Keeping my PC clean inside

  Red Devil 23:57 30 Aug 2009

Hi all,

OK - my PC gets dusty as hell no matter what I try to do to stop it.

So I want to tackle this another way. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the dust out? I've looked at an air duster but all they seem to do is just blow the dust off so it's all floating around and could well get back into my PC.

Can you get a vacuum cleaner both small enough and powerful enough to get into all the hard to get to places in a PC but also clean it? If so, can you get one that isn't going to be a static hazard?

If not, is there another way to approach keeping my PC clean as the dust isn't going to help the temp of my processor and other components, performance nor the lifespan on my PC?



  OTT_Buzzard 00:03 31 Aug 2009

Cat litter tray de-oderising filters on the air intakes work wonders! Wash and properly dry before using on your PC.

  GaT7 01:47 31 Aug 2009

Never considered that one OTT_B (even though it is a 'filter'), but I've heard pantyhose works well too!

"Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the dust out?" - keep it out to begin with by using a filter(s) as above.

Those special anti-static compressed air dusters are a good solution (do your cleaning outdoors of course!). But they can work out to be relatively expensive if you'll be cleaning often. G

  BT 07:39 31 Aug 2009

click here

Although something like this with a soft natural Bristle brush is better for larger amounts of dust
click here

  mooly 07:43 31 Aug 2009

Vacuum cleaner and soft brush is fine.
Static is more of a problem when components are not inserted into a circuit, eg a memory modules, or a CPU that's not in it's socket.
When working on anything like a PC it's good practice to occasionally keep touching the chassis to bring yourself down to the same potential as the PC... with it all unplugged of course.

  ened 07:48 31 Aug 2009

As mentioned I have a filter and it stops most of the stuff getting in.

Once a year, on a fine day I take it outside, take it apart and use my camera equipment to get the dust out of the little nitty-gritty areas.

I use a fine brush on the fans and a blower anywhere not so easily accessible.

It helps if there is a slight breeze an you stand it down wind from your house.

  sunnystaines 09:47 31 Aug 2009

well this is what i do take sides off then place pc side down for dust to fall out then again on other side. makes mess on carpet but hoover can sort the carpet.

take out cards and either use compressed air to blow clean or if none available use very soft brush to very lightly brush clean, then repeat with rest of pc, use cotton buds to clean inside cpu fan area.

everytime i open the case there is always a small spider and webs in there which i remove what on earth does it expect to catch and eat.

  Picklefactory 10:11 31 Aug 2009

Every pc has a bug or two :o)

  sonyboy 10:16 31 Aug 2009

You've left yourself wide open for this one sunny...Spiders like to start spinning their webs near the Network cards..cos' they know there are lots of "bugs" on the Web....Oh dear!!...Erm' Sorry about that :)

  OTT_Buzzard 12:50 31 Aug 2009

The litter tray filter is similar density to the real thing (e.g. click here), but a millimeter or so thicker and easier to clean!

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