Keeping internet addresses

  Housten 12:24 26 Apr 2011

Good Afternoon,

This is what some may call a stupid question! When I use some of the registry and other such cleaners/checkers I sometimes find I have managed to clear out the list I had built up in the address bar of IE. I have tried to copy-and-paste this to a ‘Word’ file, so if I ( accidentally, I assure you ) can just copy-and-paste all my addresses back in to the address bar. But as I can’t copy to a file then I am presuming that it won’t work the other way either. Does anyone know of a way of doing this? OR a way of keeping the addresses from being deleted in the first place? Any advice/help/information very gratefully received, even if it’s negative!

  catpwss 12:53 26 Apr 2011

Is it possible for you to save the addresses into the bookmarks section,Or have I misread your post..c

  mgmcc 13:48 26 Apr 2011

Most browsers let you export your Bookmarks/Favourites as an HTML file which can then be imported again if necessary. However, if you mean the dropdown list of "recently visited" sites, this will probably be lost if deleted by a cleaner that removes MRU (Most Recently Used) data.

  bremner 13:52 26 Apr 2011

The drop down list that appears in the address bar is a registry entry and ccleaner and the like will clear this out.

ccleaners front page under Internet Explorer has an entry "Recently Types URLs try taking the tick out of this.

  Housten 14:03 26 Apr 2011


Many thanks for your reply, but I do not understand - or know - how to save bookmarks. This has always appeared to be a closed book to me. If you can tell me how to save 'bookmarks'then I will certainly give it a try!


Many thanks for your suggestion BUT the tick against "Recently Types URL" is NOT there as I didn't want them removed, but they still get deleted by Ccleaner, which is very annoying!

Anyone with an idea, please??

  Woolwell 14:11 26 Apr 2011

Untick History

  onthelimit1 14:35 26 Apr 2011

Bookmarks =Favorites. If what you want to do is to be able to go back easily to a previous site, when (in IE8) you're on a page you want to go back to, click the 'favorites' tab top left, then 'add to favorites'.. Next time, click the favs tab then select the one you want to look at.

  catpwss 14:38 26 Apr 2011

What pc do you have are you using windows 7 or other??.And are you using google or internet explorer or firefox or any other.If you are using W7 once you have the web address and open there is a star to the right of the address click on the star and you can select where you want to save that site in your bookmarks,thats how it works for me using W7 & google chrome. maybe the more tecky guys will come up with another method. good luck.c.

  Housten 14:53 26 Apr 2011


many thanks for your post, but..............

I am sorry I do not understand what you mean! This may be because I am a pensioner and a bit thick! But what 'History' - and where - do I untick?

  Housten 15:02 26 Apr 2011


Many thanks for your post. I am using Windows 7 and IE9 so I don't know if this works in the same way as 'Chrome'! If it doesn't then can someone, please, tell what to click on and how to save - and, as importantly, keep - bookmarks. I have between 20 and 30 addresses and I do not want to have to keep typing the addresses in every time I want to go to a site. I had an 'address' for my router, something like I think, and it has gone, so I would be grateful if someone can give me the correct address!

Many thanks in anticipation.

  catpwss 15:20 26 Apr 2011

Housten.If you type an address into your search engine you can use google that is a brilliant searcher.Type in the argos website will open up on your screen.Now to the far right of the argos address do you see any form of icon there maybe a star if so point your mouse to it and it should say ''Bookmark this page''If so click on tha icon and select to save to a specific folder in the bookmarks.hope you understand what I mean. good luck.c.

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