keeping a eye on the kids

  mamod123 00:53 21 Feb 2008

hi all, this will sound a bit odd and its the reverse of what most people want. my kids have a laptop on a wireless link to our main pc and i was wondering if there is a way i can keep an eye on the pages there looking at on my pc, and yes we do have child guard etc but still a few things get through. help please

  MAJ 01:06 21 Feb 2008

Have you tried sharing their history folder, you could then see where they had been surfing?

  mamod123 09:21 21 Feb 2008

i was thinking more on the lines of real time watching than seeing after they have seen the pages. thanks

  MAJ 10:18 21 Feb 2008

Ah, I see. In that case you'll probably need something like RealVNC, mamod123. click here

  Wrinkles 10:34 21 Feb 2008

When my kids were smaller they each had networked PC's. I used to keep an eye on them with a small program that allowed me to call up their screen onto my PC. I could then watch, unbeknown to them, what they were doing. If they were doing anything untoward I was able to close down their machine and/or cut it off from the net. I also came in handy for diagnostics and fixing of remote PC's.
I assume this is your requirement. The prog was called Remote administrator from click here. There are any number of similar programmes around

  pj123 14:06 21 Feb 2008

How sad. I have four kids. I trust all of them. They were all told what they could and could not do.

Not one of them has betrayed that trust.

  keef66 14:48 21 Feb 2008

we have 2 teenage boys and we all share a single pc in a fairly public place. They know what they are allowed to do, but some of the time they ignore that. Fell out over their music downloading habits for a while, but now they only d/l free or paid for stuff. Occasionally have a look at their temp internet files to check that the porn browsing is a thing of the past (that was a bit of an eye-opener!)

  rawprawn 15:12 21 Feb 2008

Children these days tend to know more about computers than their parents, if they want to visit sites that you would rather they didn't they will, and I suspect that failing standing and looking over their shoulder they will find a way of getting round any obstacle you put there.
I can remember reading Lady Chatterley's Lover as a schoolboy!
Tell them to be sensible and respect your wishes.
I don't mean to be impertinent but we all have to grow up and learn from experience

  mamod123 09:29 24 Feb 2008

thanks for all your help, its not that I don't trust the kids, its the internet I don't trust with all the popups on the kids games etc and the so called have won.. banners witch is like waving a chocy bar under there noses.
the remote admin seems the way to go but with all the threats of people looking at your pc I just thought it was a bit easier than loading in more programs.
ok thanks again for all your help

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