Keeping desktop files & folders where I want them

  daisy2bell 10:43 05 Feb 2004

I have a number of folders etc on my desktop in a certain order.
The problem is when I defrag on restarting all these folders are all over the place, which is a pain.
Anyway of solving this.
I am using Win98SE

  recap 10:56 05 Feb 2004

click here and take a look at "Blackhole Win9x Desktop Lock v." thread. It may be what you are looking for?

  Gongoozler 11:06 05 Feb 2004

Hi daisy2bell. I think the main reason your icons move around would be if you change screen resolution beore defragging, as you would if you defrag in safe mode. For Windows 98 I would recommend using Diskeeper Lite to defrag. It is much faster and more efficient - and it's free click here.

These are some utilities that claim to save your desktop settings:

click here

click here

click here

As an aside to your question, I personally don't like having too many files and folders on the desktop. The desktop is a folder within Windows (C:\WINDOWS\Desktop), and so can contribute quite seriously to the fragmentation of Windows. A few shortcuts are ok, but I like to keep all my saved files on my hard drive D: partition where they are easily backed up, and not affected if I suffer a serious C: drive problem necessitating a reformat.

  [email protected] 14:14 05 Feb 2004

Would desktop shortcuts (which i thought were relitavely small) really cause significant problems with fragmentation ??

  Anator11 14:18 05 Feb 2004

im not sure, but i think if you turn auto arrange off then it wont move the stuff round at all.

  Chegs ® 14:34 05 Feb 2004

I used to use a tiny app called when I had 98se.It was an addition to the right click menu(Save desktop settings/Restore desktop,etc)only I lost the file in one of my many crashes in the last few years.I did try to relocate it,but each of its replacements weren't as easy to use,or caused extra probs.I think this it the one I used click here

  Gongoozler 16:09 05 Feb 2004

Hi [email protected] As I said in my earlier posting, desktop shortcuts are no real problem, except that they can clutter the desktop. Its when the actual files and folders are on the desktop, which is really just a folder within Windows, that I dislike them.

  [email protected] 16:13 05 Feb 2004

I see where your coming from gongoozler :-)

  ESEU Tech Support 12:05 12 Feb 2004

Hi all! Just wanted to help clear a couple of things up. Firstly, the shortcuts on the desktop will not cause an excessive fragmentation problem, and certainly will not hinder Diskeeper's defragmenting of the disk. However, normal disk usage will cause excessive fragmentation that will slow the machine and make it unstable - I guess you guys know this already.

If you suspect that there are some files on your machine that are hindering the defragmentation process, please email me the results of Diskeeper's Fragmentation Analysis, and I will be delighted to try and help.

  Chris the Ancient 14:39 12 Feb 2004

Nice to see a company take interest in watching the forum and offering help!

Well done and thanks.

Now if one or two more...


  christmascracker 14:42 12 Feb 2004

Silly question but who are ESEU?

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