keeping black text for hyperlinks?

  turkeylurkey 10:26 15 Mar 2003


i'm trying to design a low graphics website. instead of using buttons, i have opted to use a websafe colour as a background for the cells which make up the menu(with the rest of the page white), adding text for "buttons". I'm sure I have seen this done on other sites but the problem is that I want plain black text and when I add the hyperlinks the text changes to the default blue-underlined.

Is there a way that I can have plain black text without either making buttons or changing the hyperlink properties in page properties? I'm using FPXpress.

thanks in advance

  AndySD 11:24 15 Mar 2003

In the Body tag put in

link=#000000 vLink=#000000 aLink=#000000

to look like

<Body link=#000000 vLink=#000000 aLink=#000000>

  AndySD 11:26 15 Mar 2003

Ooops ignore my answer as it changes all links in the page to black....I didnt read your post fully.

  turkeylurkey 11:34 15 Mar 2003

don't worry, thanks for trying

  tbh72 11:54 15 Mar 2003

Highlight the link you want to be black. Right click, select style / font button from the dialog box!!!

  tbh72 12:00 15 Mar 2003

Sorry, directly after you highlight the text & right click, first select the hyperlink properties option? sorry my mistake

  turkeylurkey 12:12 15 Mar 2003

thankyou but i must be really thick, i can't see a "style / font button " option. can you tell me where it is please.

sorry, i'm not great with this stuff!

  tbh72 12:25 15 Mar 2003

click here

I am assuming Frontpage Express is similar to Frontpage. Clicking the above link will take you to a picture.

  tbh72 12:28 15 Mar 2003

the example in this picture is the text MAIL ME.

Highlight this text and press the 5th button from the right, (globe & chain). This opens the Create Hyperlink, which is greyed out in the back ground, the bottom right hand button is called STYLE, press this button.

The MODIFY STYLE dialog box opens, press the bottom left button called FORMAT, select font from here, then enter the correct details including the colour of your choice.

hope this helps.

  turkeylurkey 12:33 15 Mar 2003

it doesn't seem to be the same as frontpage. Xpress definitely doesn't have that dialog box.

thankyou anyway tbh72

  tbh72 12:36 15 Mar 2003

Can you explore the help files within FPE. My example shows you what to look for, hopefully I have provided enough information for you to find the answer within the software helpfiles.

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