Keep my old PC

  dardruba 23:39 11 Sep 2010

Now I have a new Win 7 PC I want to keep my old Win XP PC as an info store for family records - like an external hard drive but without a live Internet Connection.
Is this possible and what do I need to remove/uninstall to make it do this. Firewall and Internet Connection perhaps but what else should I remove and what should I keep?

  woodchip 23:51 11 Sep 2010

Just Remove the Hard Drive and fit in a External USB drive caddy. You need to know what kind of drive is the the old PC IDE or SATA to buy the correct caddy.

PS if its a IDE drive the jumper on the drive as to be set to master for it to work with the caddy click here

click here

  dardruba 21:01 12 Sep 2010

Thanks Woodchip BUT
I didn't make it clear that I want to keep the PC monitor and keyboard and use it in a different location away from the family and the family PC.

  lotvic 21:33 12 Sep 2010

If you are keeping the Tower, Monitor and keyboard - you Don't need to do anything - if you don't want to connect to internet remove the cable from PC to modem/router.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:51 12 Sep 2010

If it has a wireless card the disable in device manager

  dardruba 23:54 12 Sep 2010

Thanks, it is disconnected from the router but when I switch on the PC I have prompts to do things, can't remember what just now but they are probably programmes seeking an update check or scheduled checks for antivirus or malware.

  v1asco 00:51 13 Sep 2010

I am just an amatuer compared to the majority here.
What I would do is a complete recovery, using the recovery discs. This will then clear your hard drive of any accumulated bits and give you a clean slate to work with. Also free up drive space. It's amazing what things end up on your hard drive after a few years on the internet.
Of course back up anything valuable.
Re-install only what you need, would you relly need Office for instance?
It may be that you will have to use the net ocassionally for updates or even send photos, so install a fee anti-virus.
I am sure someone will suggest one, I have AVG on my oomputer.

  dardruba 09:54 13 Sep 2010

Thanks Bugle
Its not internet connected and it wont be, so I think any anti virus or malware programs can be removed.
Clearing the hard drive of dross sounds like a good idea but I'd need a techie to do that, and I dont want to be reinstalling stuff from a recovery disc that I've just uninstalled.
I will be using Office procedures but I dont foresee needing to update them. Photos, for example, will remain on the main family PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:12 13 Sep 2010

"Photos, for example, will remain on the main family PC."

Of course you have these backed up?

Backing up valuable data to the second machine is a very good idea.
There is no reason why you couldn't network the two machines via the router but disable the internet if required.

  lotvic 10:33 13 Sep 2010

Well for goodness sakes, I don't see the problem.

Is the XP pc running ok and is clear of Virus/malware programs at the moment?

You haven't told us what programs you have or get prompts for so we are unable to advise on proceedure.

As well as the programs themselves, XP windows security centre will keep prompting you if your antivirus etc is out of date. That is what it is for. Also other programs and Windows Updates will prompt for updates if you have them set to do that.

As you seem to want to not have any antivirus etc programs on the XP pc then stop them running, uninstall them or set them to not prompt for updates. Remember it is your pc and you can set it to however you want it to run.

If you are intending any transfers of files/pics from the pc that is connected to the internet then make doubly sure that the files are clean or you will be putting an infected file on an unprotected machine.

Or maybe I have misunderstood?
are you wanting to network/connect the old XP pc to the new W7 pc so that you can store data files straight to the XP's harddrive?
or will the XP pc be completely independant from the W7 pc?

  Pineman100 11:10 13 Sep 2010

If I've understood your original post correctly, you want to network your new W7 computer with your old XP machine, in order to be able to exchange files between the two.

This would be quite easy to do with an ethernet network cable, if you don't want to connect them wirelessly (and assuming that both computers have network cards fitted, which they probably have).

But don't imagine that this would isolate your XP computer from the internet. Theoretically, it could still be vulnerable to any malware that might infect your W7 computer.

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