Keep losing my router connection - HELP!!!

  flipatron 18:48 28 Dec 2008

I've not got long, only about 5 minutes!

I’m having big problems with my TalkTalk internet connection. I connect via a Netgear DG834GT and have used this for the past 6 months with no problems. I’d get the occasional drop out every week or so but all I had to do was go into the Netgear’s admin screen, go into connection status and click connect.
My problem started on Christmas morning, I tried the internet as usual but there was no connection. Clicking on the reconnect button in connection status did nothing, the only way to get back on was to re-power the Netgear route. The trouble is it only allows connects for approx 5 minutes then fails, and you have to re-power the router again to get connected? I’ve installed the latest firmware onto the router but the problem remains.
This smells like a change in the exchange to me? Someone working over Christmas and changing kit etc.
I get the following fault: -
Negotiation – LCP Down
I then try and click reconnect but get nothing. The internet connection light on the front of the router also goes out. It seems funny that there seems to be a constant connection because every time I re-power the router I always reconnect.

Downstream Upstream
Line Attenuation 49.9db 26.5db
Noise Margin 5.9db 5.5– 6.1db


  tullie 18:58 28 Dec 2008

If you expect an answer in five minutes dont expect people to stop what they are doing because you havent got much time,this isent a live chat room,look in later or tomorrow.

  ambra4 20:53 28 Dec 2008

Call your ISP help desk it could be a line problem or a problem in the exchange

  flipatron 23:58 28 Dec 2008

I wasn't being rude, I only get about five minutes internet time before it crashes and I might not get a connection again for hours! I didn't expect an answer withing minutes, it's taken me all evening to get a connection again and I've only time to download this page and it once again crashes.

I don't mind calling TalkTalk but from what I've been told it's a very long process and they aren't really interested so I thought I'd ask on a few sites first.

If anyone has any Ideas or setting I could try I would be greatful.

  RobCharles1981 00:05 29 Dec 2008

You Will Get better support and advice from members of the click here forums who know they're stuff when it comes to broadband problems.

  ambra4 03:58 29 Dec 2008

The Talk Talk Members Forums

click here

click here

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