Keep losing my MBR pointer to my OS

  cga 20:43 22 Aug 2004

Replaced my 60Gb primary with a Maxtor 200Gb at the weekend. Despite formatting the MBR first, it did not initially find my OS when booting fron the HD for the 1st time.

I was not particularly surprised as I had copied all the partitions on with Partition Magic so I started up with bootmagic and, by enabling it, was able to get to my OS just fine.

I then disabled Bootmagic and restarted fine.

Now I have just started from cold and it could not find my OS again. I have got round it by enabling Bootmagic with a delay of zero but it bugs me that it is not working right.

Mobo is an ASUS P4T533-C. New Drive is a Maxtor Diamond Plus9 UDMA133 and I have a WD 120Gb (also UDMA 133) as the secondary on the same interface.
My OS is WinXP in part 3 on the prrimary (P1 is bootmagic code and P2 is my Recovery OS), The remainder od the drive is an extended partition split into 2.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Would it help to reformat the MBR again now that all the partitions are in place?

Any ideas are welcome - thanks in advance.

  woodchip 21:04 22 Aug 2004

Run scanisk on the drive. The MBR cannot be formatted.

MBR is created when the partition is created, then format prepares the drive for software.

You can run Scandisk from a Floppy disc, but you do not say what OS

  cga 21:24 22 Aug 2004

Hi Woodchip - thanks for the reply.

You may have missed it because it was well into my screed but the OS is XP.

I take your point about not 'formatting' the MBR. What I really meant was an FDISK /MBR. I did this before building the disk. I guess a repeat now is destructive. All partitions were copied in by PM but while the new disk was disk 3. (from Disk 1 to 3 before switching the disks).

If I check now - PM says that my OS partition is active.

  cga 21:31 22 Aug 2004

Just a thought - because I both copied and resized the partitions - the primary partition with my OS is now further down the disk (approx 18 Gb). I seem to remember somewhere that there is a limit in which a primary boot partition must sit. Maybe this is the problem?

  cga 09:15 23 Aug 2004

Can anyone confirm my supposition that the boot partition must normally start within the first 16Gb??

  cga 17:07 28 Aug 2004

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