Keep losing BB connection.

  User-1239843 09:57 19 Feb 2008

I have recently changed ISP to Post Office (I know I know, bad move) And after days of fighting to get my connection ON, I have a recurring problem. Every hour, and I mean EXACTLY every hour, i.e. after being connected for 1hr 1min 30sec, 2hr 1 min 30 sec, 3hr 1 min 30sec, I experience a momentary loss of connection. Anything, other than IE, loses connection. MSN logs off, if in game it returns to the splash screen, any download drops to 0k transfer. After a few seconds they reconnect to their respective servers.
The router supplier is a Realtek wireless (can't remember the model offhand as I'm at work). When I enter the router settings/status, there is no evidence of loss of connection, as it says it's been 'online' pretty much since I got it and there is no log of anything out of the ordinary.
This is beginning to become very irritating, and the PO helpline is next to useless; reset the router and everything will be fine.... um... not!

  User-1239843 10:12 19 Feb 2008

Sorry, its a Netgear router, not a Realtek as I stated earlier...

  bstb3 10:22 19 Feb 2008

just to confirm, with your previous ISP / Router were you having dropouts at all?

Connection drop outs can often be caused be noise on the line becoming too great for the speed you are receiving, causing the router to loose synchronisation.

It could be that the PO is attempting to provide you with more speed than your line / distance from the exchange can support but the regulararity of the disconnection would suggest something else.

Is there some kind of electrical equipment near the router that works on regular hourly intervals?

  bstb3 10:29 19 Feb 2008

also, we were having frequent (but irregular) drop outs with our connection to BT (and previously AOL) in our new house. The ISP's couldnt resolve it, but then I fitted one of these beauties:

click here

The results were dramatic. Rock solid connection ever since (about a month up constantly now) and a speed boost also (~1.4mbps to ~4.5mbps), all for £12 + p&p. Fitted in 5 mins too.

I dont suggest going this route yet, but it worked for us. Apparently it filters the ASDL signal out from the house extension network, which reduces noise on the line considerably (and you dont need microfilters on your extensions anymore). It does require the router to be connected to the master socket though, which can be inconvenient if not wireless.

  User-1239843 10:33 19 Feb 2008

I never had a single problem with my last ISP, and only changed because PO could offer faster connection at cheaper price.

I live, literally, 2 mins walk from the exchange and my street can get pretty much full whack out of an 8meg line.

There is nothing electrical other than my computer in the area it is set up.

It is just to regular, precise even, for it to be noise/speed issues. I thought it was my AV auto update but it's not that either as I've double and triple checked both.

After some further checking, I've noticed that there seem to be problems with the Netgear routers having problems similar to this, some fixable through firmware updates, some not. I'm at a loss as to what to do if an update doesn't work.

  bstb3 10:50 19 Feb 2008

is it possible to isolate the router as the problem by connecting with a different modem/router? Do you still have the one prior to your netgear that could be configured to connect?

I would think if you can prove the router is faulty that would mean the PO would need to resupply a working model (and you can use the older one in the meantime).

The other advice I used to receive when I had these issues was to connect directly through the master socket, to see if that helped. Again this should rule out completely noise related issues (which are likely not to be the problem here). Anything you can do to reduce the number of possible causes will make it easier to diagnose the fault.

  User-1239843 10:57 19 Feb 2008

I've tried the master socket already and ruled that out. I don't have my previous ISP's set up anymore. (Believe me, If I knew the trouble I'd have with PO, I'd not only have kept it, I'd have not bothered changing in the first place lol). I'm not sure any of the friends I have would be willing to lend me their router for any length of time longer than what it would take to test it. It's something I'll try though.

Anyway, knowing what PO is like, even if I did manage to get a new router out them in less than 6 months, it would be the same model, with quite possibly the same problems. From what I can gather from other forums and sites, Netgears name is going down the pan rather fast.

  bstb3 11:03 19 Feb 2008

we will have to keep our fingers crossed on the firmware updates then. Good luck. I know netgears have had issues in the past, the only one I have ever used (a DG834 I think) worked fine but I appear to have just been lucky :).

  Dipso 20:46 19 Feb 2008

Which model Netgear?

Is this using a wired connection not wireless?

  User-1239843 23:35 19 Feb 2008

It is indeed a wired connection. It is a Netgear DG834G.

I am becoming increasingly more pissed at this situation, as the more I look about, the more problems I see others having. The model I have been given with my NEW broadband package from the PO is aboput 4 years old... and STILL everyone is having the same problems with it.

  Dipso 06:30 20 Feb 2008

That model Netgear was "flavour of the month" until the faster speed connections came along. I ditched mine shortly after regrading to ADSL Max.

Does your ISP's t&c's allow you to use another router? Not the answer but you can pick up a decent B-grade router for about £16 wired £23 wireless.

Try running this utility click here and see if it can diagnose the cause, in particular what your noise margin is when your connection drops. Psot back with your findings.

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