Keep getting a USB message.

  loopylou1 12:11 27 Jan 2015

I recently fitted a 3.0 usb card which is powered from the power pack not the motherboard. I connected the power supply leads to some coming from the rear of the dvd drive power supply. However I am now getting this message... "POWER SURGE ..A USB IS EXCEEDING ITS POWER LIMITS". This causes the usb ports to stop working. What have I done wrong please? Should I have picked up the power supply from somewhere else and not the plug that feeds power to the dvd drive? thanks

  lotvic 12:57 27 Jan 2015

Please can you post a link to the 3.0 usb card that you have so we can look at it's specifications.

  loopylou1 13:15 27 Jan 2015

Hi..It's an ....

Anker® Uspeed PCI-E to USB 3.0 2-Port Express Card, with 5V 4 Pin Male Power Connector and 1 USB 3.0 20-pin Connector ( expand another two USB 3.0 ports )

purchased from Amazon.

  lotvic 14:17 27 Jan 2015

Is this the one? ClickHere it seems to need 5v all to itself AFIK and as one of the commenters 'TotallydubbedHD' say "installation ..requires a MOLEX power connector, which isn't included in the package, however should be coming straight from your PSU..."

and you have it sharing the 5v with your DVD so perhaps that's the problem (Molex gives 5v max).

1]: [click here

  loopylou1 16:53 27 Jan 2015

Thanks to responses so far, but couldn't grasp what you mean Beta as it sounds technical and that leaves me lost. If you would like to reply in simple terms I would appreciate it.

  Bris 17:29 27 Jan 2015

A Molex connector looks like this click here and the socket on the card from Lotvics link is certainly Molex so you are OK to connect a spare Molex plug to the card.

The message you are getting usually results from plugging a device into one of the USB ports thats drawing too much current.

Do you get this message when nothing is connected to the USB ports?

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