Keep getting unknown message from Googl ?

  ponytail 08:06 30 Mar 2015

I keep getting this flashing sign in the bottom L/H corner near the start button. it looks like some kind of shield and when I click on it it says User Account Control Google update is requesting your permission Do you want the following program to make changes to your computer Google Update

  ponytail 08:24 30 Mar 2015

Found this on Google

click here not sure what changes they are asking to make.


  wee eddie 12:02 30 Mar 2015

What you have sounds like the normal Windows request when loading, or updating software

  lotvic 12:29 30 Mar 2015

This is what 'Google Update' is and does: ClickHere

  bumpkin 13:01 30 Mar 2015

The shield is normal with Win7 and nothing to be concerened about. It just asks for your permission making changes which is a security feature for your protection. I would imagine you are new to Win7 if you have not encountered it before.

  ponytail 14:03 30 Mar 2015

So the next time it appears it will be ok to press yes and what sort of frequency would this appear occasionally or often as have not seen it before.Thanks

  bumpkin 14:30 30 Mar 2015

It occurs frequently with updates and installing new software, as long as you know what it is installing then chose the yes option. If you are unsure then deny permission and ask here, you will still have the option to instal later when you are happy to do so.

  ponytail 08:28 01 Apr 2015

Thanks bumpkin but the next time it appears how can I tell what it wants to install

  wee eddie 09:26 01 Apr 2015

Very few Updates require special permission. Those that do, name the Program that requires permission

  bumpkin 09:51 01 Apr 2015

As wee eddie says, it will tell you first. Windows updates do not require but some software updates do.

  lotvic 12:27 01 Apr 2015

'Google Update' is installing the updates for your Google programs, same as 'Windows Update' installs updates for your MS Windows programs.

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