Keep getting error message on Aol wireless

  SB23 15:07 02 Apr 2007

Please forgive me if this should be in the networking section, but the problem isn't with my router but Aol, I'll explain.

All is working after installation of my router, and PCI card, infact it connected first time, leaving me speechless, but Aol keeps telling me that it has encountered a problem with my connection, to disconnect and reboot and try again.
These messages are getting more frequent, and are a pain.
Does anyone have any ideas?



  rdave13 15:24 02 Apr 2007

If there is no problem while using another browser and not using AOL then it's a corruption in AOL's software. Try updating to AOL VR refresh. Works in XP. click here

  SB23 14:05 03 Apr 2007

Thanks for the link, but I'm not sure if I feel like being a tester for their software, as I don't feel I need any more bugs other than this connecting issue.
I have read about rebuilding the Aol adapter, which I've done, but it had no effect. The main problem is getting connected, once that is done the pc stays on Aol all day.

Any other ideas?


  rdave13 16:18 03 Apr 2007

Been using the VR version and it's quite good. So the connection doesn't drop only AOL's software encountering a problem and needs to close?
Try saving your favourites then use One-click fixes and restore AOL to original settings.Then you'll need to set up AOL to your router again.

"To set up AOL to work on your home network, you need to change the settings to connect via your modem router.

1. Start AOL but do not sign on. Instead, click Sign On Options or Connect Options on the sign-on screen.
2. Click Expert Setup.
3. Click Add Location.
4. Type a name for the location in the Location Name box (eg Router), then click Next.
5. Choose Broadband (High-Speed, cable, DSL, or other ISP), then click Next.
6. Tick Automatically reconnect me and ignore interruptions... then click Next.
7. Select Automatic Connection, then click Next.
8. Click Sign on to AOL now, then sign on to AOL as usual using any of your screen names.

The next time you start the AOL software, you'll notice 'Router' (or whatever name you gave the location) is available as one of the options in the Location box. This allows you to easily switch between using a modem router connection and a different connection (for example, a dial-up modem) if you wish." Quoted from AOL.

  SB23 16:32 03 Apr 2007

Thanks again, will look at it tonight. But I've also been looking at ZA settings and adjusted a few today, and so far, I've had no connection problems. I just hope its maybe that easy, time will tell. Otherwise as they say "I'll be back", lol.

Thanks for now


  rdave13 17:32 03 Apr 2007

Good one. Hope it's fixed.

  SB23 21:49 03 Apr 2007

Just so that you know, I used the One click Fix to sort out a few problems, deleted my current connections, then as you suggested to restore Aol to its default settings. I then let Aol detect my router and hey presto it connected.
I'll leave this open, just in case, but thanks again, and this time me thinks it would be wise to leave the one click fixes and not uninstall them.


  SB23 11:32 07 Apr 2007

All is well, after a different problem and a reinstall of XP, so will tick as resolved.

Thanks all


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