Keep breaking ethernet clips

  smiiithy2009 20:16 04 Nov 2010

The clips on my ethernet cables keep breaking. Can anybody tell me where I can get a 3m cable with a metal clip? It's important the clip part is metal not just the bigger part of the connector.

  lotvic 22:08 04 Nov 2010

Ethernet cables with metal connector?
Hmmm discussion about them on click here

  BT 08:35 05 Nov 2010

You should be asking why they keep breaking.
Why do you find it necessary to keep inserting and removing them?
If you squeeze the tab properly when inserting or removing they shouldn't break. I've never had one break, but then I don't keep pushing them in and out all the time. The plastic material is usually flexible enough to stand up to a fair bit of use.

  woodchip 09:33 05 Nov 2010

All I can say is you must be clumsy. and its a wonder you have not destroyed the Socket dragging it out

  woodchip 09:36 05 Nov 2010

You will not get one with a Metal Clip, as it would short when you pressed it in. The clip is meant to be pressed down before pulling it out

  smiiithy2009 09:37 05 Nov 2010

I use it to connect my laptop, which lives on my bed and bedroom floor, to my powerline adapter. This enables me to use the laptop for downloading and streaming media to my network media player.

Obviously with the laptop being a portable device, I take it out almost daily to use it around the house and take it to work. I've replaced the ethernet cable 2 or 3 times in the past few months and I don't really want to fork out for a crimping tool as I only want to use this one cable.



  woodchip 14:05 05 Nov 2010

There is nothing wrong with using it as you do, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO PRESS THE CLIP DOWN "Fully"

  BT 17:25 05 Nov 2010

Bad practise

Using Laptops on soft surfaces like beds and carpet can restrict ventilation resulting in premature failure due to overhaeting. Far better to use a flat solid surface like a table.

  smiiithy2009 17:34 05 Nov 2010

I know that but my laptop is 4 years old and has always been left there. If it does fail, it's insured and all my data is backed up so I'd rather live with the comfort of having my laptop where I want it.

  woodchip 18:25 05 Nov 2010

insurance does not cover neglect, as above its bad practise to use on bed and bedroom floor. Just about the worst thing you could do to a Laptop

  BT 08:20 06 Nov 2010

You could just use a bit of wood or a tray with a hard surface to give it a chance of surviving, without loosing the convenience of where you want to use it. Just because its 4 years old doesn't mean you have to trash it. My wife is still using an Acer laptop that is almost 10 years old that has been treated properly. OK its not all singing and dancing compared with modern ones, but at the time it was top of the range and it suffices for the purposes she needs it for.

Even though you say you have everything backed up its still awfully inconvenient when your computer packs up and you have to spend a long time getting things back to how you like them.
And as woodchip says insurance doesn't cover neglect and mistreatment, just hope you can afford a new one when the time comes!

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