pinnicat 00:12 13 Apr 2004

Hi gang...just run a scan and picked up 5...count em 5 trojans...all attached to..."KEENWARE\DELUPDAT.exe"....
not happy...a searched showed that this file , whatever it is , has been on my system a while and was actually updated/modified a day or two ago....any ideas?
all my security defs are up to date...but i seem to be getting hammered by virii lately...

  cycoze 00:33 13 Apr 2004

Read about click here and click here , there is MANUAL removal instructions on these pages .

  pinnicat 00:58 13 Apr 2004

ah.....not good then?
i was worried before, now im totally infested with this crap it would appear...thanks...i will call in the big guns to help...
would a total restore to factory settings clear this up and why and how...did get i it in the first it my fault?
thanks again

  johnnyrocker 01:07 13 Apr 2004

no it's not just d/load from the d/load section on this site adaware/spybot/spyware blaster update and run, should solve your probs.


  hugh-265156 01:09 13 Apr 2004

no dont reinstall windows just because you have adware.not nesessary.

try adaware,spybot and spywareblaster click here click here download,install both and update a full scan with both and remove anything they find.

then install spywareblaster and update and enable all protection click here

  hugh-265156 01:10 13 Apr 2004


sorry johnnyrocker

  pinnicat 07:59 13 Apr 2004

i have spybot s&d installed..but on the one occassion i ran it, it took out "dll" files and left me unable to run currently installed software and install new stuff....namely games......?
i am this....close to coming off line... i thought this was fun..
thanks so far anyway, it is appreciated.

  Taw® 09:01 13 Apr 2004

pinniacat you need to be aware that when loading som games etc the end user licence that you agree to (no-one reads) often has a clause telling you it is installing "spyware on your machine and when you delete the spyware the games wont work. I run S&D all the time aswell as adaware,spywareblaster and spyguard my we machine is kept nice and clean with no probs to my existing software

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