Pineman100 17:22 28 Oct 2008

My daughter received this update on her Dell laptop (Vista Home Premium) today, and she tells me that she is now having trouble getting the computer to wake up after it's gone to sleep.

Has anyone else had problems with this update, please?

Any suggestions on the reason for the problem?

I could just uninstall it, but as it's described as a security update, I'm reluctant to do so.

  Sparkly 17:54 28 Oct 2008

Pineman100 this update i had installed on the 24th not had any probs with it.

Good luck.

  Pineman100 11:10 29 Oct 2008

I've been trying to re-create the problem my daughter suffered, and can't make anything misbehave. So hopefully all is now well.

I guess it was just a glitch of some sort.

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