Kazza not loading

  DigitalX 18:31 25 Mar 2003

I haven't used kazaa for a week and tried to open it up today and found that it doesn't connect. Is there a problem or should I uninstall it and then reinstall. How can i do this without losing the existing user name. What about spyware is it affecting it or will it cause more problems by reinstalling it.


  muppetmark 18:42 25 Mar 2003

Kazaa is riddled with spyware plus there are various other unsavoury downsides to it, if you remove any it's spyware it will not run.

  Scouse 19:08 25 Mar 2003
  tileman 19:56 25 Mar 2003

its bad news it slowed my pc down caused all sorts of problems & gave me 6 viruses in two weeks do what i did wipe it off

  goonerbill 22:21 25 Mar 2003

as the others have said, dont bother just get it off ya pc as it will cause ya more problems than its worth. never got any viruses me self (touch wood) but by god has it got spyware riddled in it

its not coming anywhere near my pc again

  Sketch 22:33 25 Mar 2003

'Kazaa not loading' is a good thing.

'Kazaa not on your system' is a better thing.


  Balancingbernardi 22:36 25 Mar 2003

Even if you uninstall Kazaa, the spyware, called Cydoor will remain on your PC and continue to "report" on your surfin'habits. Uninstall Kazaa then go to click here and download a program called Ad-aware 6.0 (it's free). Then install Ad-aware and run it - it will remove all spyware on your PC - not just Kazaa spyware but any other "data mining" software lurking in your registry.

The go to http:\\doa2.host.sk and download Kazaalite, which is the same program as Kazaa but with all the spyware and pop ups and advertising removed. Clean as a whistle.

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