KaZaa Users Beware.

  bvw in bristol 00:36 05 Jan 2003
  bvw in bristol 00:36 05 Jan 2003

This is copied and pasted from Symantec.

The W32.Kwbot.B.Worm attempts to spread itself through the KaZaA file-sharing network. It also has a Backdoor Trojan capability, allowing a hacker to gain control of the compromised computer. It is written in the Microsoft Visual C++ programming language and is compressed with UPX

The W32.Kwbot.B.Worm requires that the KaZaA software be installed on the computer for it to spread.

The W32.Kwbot.B.Worm contains its own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, allowing the worm to connect to an IRC channel, which was coded into the Trojan. Using the IRC channel, the Trojan listens for commands from the hacker. The commands allow the hacker to perform any of the following actions:
Manage the installation of the backdoor.
Control the IRC client on the compromised computer.
Dynamically update the installed Trojan.
Send the Trojan to other IRC channels to attempt to compromise more computers.
Download and execute files.
Deliver system and network information to the hacker.
Perform Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against a target defined by the hacker.
Completely uninstall itself by removing the relevant registry entries.

Details released January 2nd 2003.

  DJ Garry 02:05 05 Jan 2003

Do you know how this can be avoided or eliminated if already got it?

  spruce 02:16 05 Jan 2003

When you install KaZaa you agree to open ports anyway, that you would not normally open and not know what effects the open ports do anyway. So what is the problem if people exploit peoples greed for unlicenced software of pirated music etc. You cannot expect sympathy from anyone.

  DJ Garry 02:37 05 Jan 2003

Ooooooooh!!!! Who's a goody two shoes then?????
If it's out there and it's free, I and many others will have it every time. I run a very lucrative 19 year old buisness using .mp3's from KaZaA. I haven't bought a CD in years, and why should I when someone out there is clever enough to write the prog that lets me get at them for FREE. If CD's weren't so bloody expensive in the first place, then for the amount I would have to buy, it might make a difference. But every greedy buisness man between the artist and the buyer wants his cut for doing practically nothing, so I'll take my cut my own way thankyou very much.

  leo49 02:42 05 Jan 2003

bvw in bristol is merely passing on info to those misguided souls who use this program in an attempt to forestall trouble.If it puts more folk off using it then all the better.

  DJ Garry 02:49 05 Jan 2003

No harm meant to bvw in bristol, thanks for info. The retaliation dig was directed at spruce.

  whams93 03:39 05 Jan 2003

Well said DJ, yet another example of RipOff Britain. Why should we pay over the odds for just about everything. I for one am sick of it.

  Andÿ 04:14 05 Jan 2003

It is illegal and if you do it then do it but don't tell everybody or try and justify it.

Why do people get so defensive?? Why not say yes I know it's illegal but I do it. I guess the aggressive replies to the suggestion you are doing something wrong show you know it's wrong.

All the excuses in the world don't make it right and there will never be a time when we all agree so lets PLEASE leave it at that and not turn it in to another of 'those' unproductive nonsense threads. click here

  Forum Editor 09:37 05 Jan 2003

anyone who openly admits to running a "....very lucrative 19 year old buisness using .mp3's from KaZaA" and proudly declares "I haven't bought a CD in years......." and "I'll take my cut my own way thankyou very much" should be ashamed of themselves.

It's an admission of theft on a grand scale, and such people are a disgrace - we don't want that attitude in this forum. By all means disagree with the law, it's a free country. Try to get it changed if you feel strongly about it, but don't come here and smugly boast about how you are taking other peoples' property without paying.

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