Kazaa music downloads

  kingussie 17:44 29 Apr 2004

Sorry....I know the threads have discussed Kazaa and kazaa lite but I am still confused on what is the latest thinking on this and other music downloads. I dont mind paying but I would like downloads which are not all mainstream hop..any ideas

  Diodorus Siculus 17:54 29 Apr 2004

peoplesound.com have some very good "non-mainstream" bands - worth a look.

  deadneat 17:55 29 Apr 2004


  joseph k. 18:02 29 Apr 2004

eMule is pretty good if you can get your head around the morality issues. I have used it a bit in the past and if you take time to configure it properly it is really excellent. I overcame the morality thing by only dowloading what I aready had on vinyl and tape, therefore had bought already.Consequently all it did was to save me the time of having to put my old collection through 'audacity' etc. Though I have recently learned that this is not really acceptable. I think it also helps a little if you like a lot of dead artists. e.g. Hendrix, Beethoven etc.

  daba 18:35 29 Apr 2004

I don't think the 'dead artists' keeps you safe from being the wrong side of the law...

It generally is the Music Publisher (like EMI, etc.) who hold the copyright to the material, NOT the artistes.

  joseph k. 19:03 29 Apr 2004

I know, but then they are generally not fair to the artist. This is a moral mire actually, if you accept that the law can somtimes be a bit of an emule itself. To be frank, I'm certainly not accusing you, but I'm sure that many people who say that they are absolutely against it, are some of the very worse offenders.

  deadneat 21:18 29 Apr 2004

yer yer we have had all this b4 in many threads

  kingussie 22:44 29 Apr 2004

I am connected at 575 KBPS and most videos are connected at 300 max and this shows up as jerky intermittent images with bad detail. whats the answer

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