kazaa media desktop - cons?

  farrow 19:36 27 Apr 2003

My daughter has just loaded Kazaa Media Desktop onto our PC - just noticed the icon.
Can anyone point me to a site with independent advise about Kazaa? i.e. is the PC at risk if someone uploads from her Media Folder - could they "get further" into the PC and leave an udesirable present or look at other files/folders.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:22 27 Apr 2003

Yup to all. Using kazaa opens up a file on your computer to all and sundry. I reckon that having kazaa is the easiest way to get a trojan or virus onto a computer. If someone was to use Back Orifice from Cult of the Dead Cow it could be placed on your computer with ease and your AV and firewall will never even wake up.

Do a search for Kazaa on this site andyou will find many people who have had all sorts of problems. Of course this is apart from the fact that d/ling copyright music is illegal ;-)).


  VoG™ 20:32 27 Apr 2003

I agree entirely with GANDALF <|:-)>

Keep KaZaa and you'll be a constant visitor here for help with removing viruses, trojans and spyware.

See this recent thread from a concerned parent - concerned about his 'puter that is
click here

If you are content for her potentially to illegally download copyrighted material, then at least use KaZaa-Lite - you can find this easily with a search on click here

  Djohn 20:41 27 Apr 2003

You have received two very good answers to your question, and they are from two very knowledgeable and respected forum users.

The decision to leave or remove the program from your PC is entirely yours. Regards. J.

  jediknight007 20:45 27 Apr 2003

Well, you can stop uploading from your PC through Kazaa.

  graham√ 20:47 27 Apr 2003

Good luck in removing kazza desktop. You'll need more than luck, though.

  VoG™ 21:00 27 Apr 2003

Good point

click here

  mammak 21:02 27 Apr 2003

going with all the expert advice above, avoid like the plague come,s to mind, but i strongly advice get rid of kazza!!

  farrow 22:04 27 Apr 2003

Thanks to all - farrow

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