Kazaa download problems....

  JUSZO 09:15 01 Feb 2003

Hi there. I currently have BT Broadband which generally works very well and is a marked imrovement from my old dial up modem UNTIL I try and downloads things from Kazaa Media Desktop. Occasionally its okay but most of the time its as slow as my old dial up, sometimes even slower, with speeds of 0.7 or 0.8!!! As I got broadband to primarily download lots of multimedia, what, if anything, am I doing wrong? Is there any other people who have this problem, and is there a remedy?

  spruce 10:01 01 Feb 2003

The problem here is that you have a very fast connection, but the people you are downloading from may not be as fortunate and only have a slow dial up connection.

In the set up process the other computer may have been instructed to use the minimum bandwidth and thus you are restricted to the settings that it was set for.

You just have to hope that the person that has the media you wish has broadband also and that the instructions given to the download options have been set to maximum bandwidth or maximum when idle.

Hope this helps a bit.

  tran1 11:16 01 Feb 2003

There are things you can do to speed up.

When you choose to download something, look for a source that has high bandwith and choose a file that has many users sharing it. That way, you maximize your speed.

The other good option is what is known as your 'Partitcipation level'. You can see your level on the traffic screen. The more files you share and more people download from you, the higher your participation level. If you have a high participaion level, you get a higer priority in downloads than others with lower levels. Meaning more bandwith given to you and so more speedier downloads.

  JUSZO 11:54 01 Feb 2003

My participation level is already high, so thats probally not it but as for the other tips, thank you both.
another question solved....thanks.

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