Kazaa 3.2 Gold

  UncleBulgaria 21:14 07 Jan 2005

I currently subscribe to Kazaa. However, since I installed Service Pack 2, I keep on getting a bad connection. It appears to conflict with sp2 and has given me instructions on how to uninstall sp2. I do not want to uninstall sp2 or kazaa. Can anyone help me to overcome this problem. Thanks

  kev.Ifty 21:49 07 Jan 2005

Choose between the two. Which is more important?

P2P isn't looked upon favourably on this forum, so you may find a scarcity of answers.

Maybe an alternative P2P Programme (or is it program?)

BearShare is popular I'm told.


  Totally-braindead 22:06 07 Jan 2005

I'd forget Kazaa, its meant to be the cause of a great deal of problems. Can't help with the problems you're having unfortunatly as I wouldn't touch Kazaa with a bargepole. Sorry, maybe someone else will know the answer.

  Strawballs 22:08 07 Jan 2005

Remind me which trojan or viras was it that you are after

  LinuxPenguin 00:34 08 Jan 2005

why on earth would you subscribe to kazaa gold when there are free programs out there that do it better and dont put sh*tloads of spyware on your pc?

shareaza is open source and free : click here

bearshare is sppware-infested too btw, as are edonkey, emule, imesh, grokster and many many more p2p clients.

uninstall kazaa ASAP and get spybot & adaware

google for them, or if not someone else may be kind enough to provide the links, i cba tbh

  UncleBulgaria 20:44 08 Jan 2005

Thanks to everyone who replied

  Graham ® 20:57 08 Jan 2005

I would touch Kazaa with a bargepole.

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