kazaa ?

  bta1 20:57 26 Sep 2004

I let my 17yr old son use the computer for whatever he wants and i am not stupid or naive about what he gets up to on it. He has recently installed "Kazza" because his friends told him to get it. I don't mind but i was wondering if anyone could tell me if i should be concerned. Mainly about what he is probably using it for. I don't want to snoop into his folders but a friend at work told me to be aware.
(Not too sure where i was supposed to post this.)

  PhiltheFragger 21:00 26 Sep 2004

Apart from the legalities,
Kazaa is full of spyware and viruses.

I suggest you leave well alone, and join one of the growing number of legal download sites for music.

They cost a few bob per track, I use Imesh.

If you must use kazaa, update your firewall and antivirus very regularly, and get a good spyware program like adaware or a2

  Salinger 21:00 26 Sep 2004

By now you have probably got a computer full of viruses and trojans.

  sat481 21:01 26 Sep 2004

Kazaa is a peer - to - peer file sharer and contains alot of adware and spyware. I would advise caution with it and ensure you have a firewall, anti-virus and ad-aware programs.

He is probably downloading music with it, or even games and movies. Alot of these may also contain virus's and other such things. This is off cause illegal so if caught can come with a hefty fine.

Be careful with it.....

  VoG II 21:02 26 Sep 2004

Remove it asap click here

  bta1 21:07 26 Sep 2004

so before i go wadeing in and remove it, he will argue i should imagine. Is there nothing good about this programme?
(I'll need all the fire power i can get if i am going to convince him to remove it. He's a dirty fighter. He bites.)

  sat481 21:11 26 Sep 2004

I can only think of illegal things that can be done with it and off cause the heavy risk of virus's. His only defense is the money he is saving on buying CD's...... But then there is the legal aspects of this, so yo decide. If he can come up with any good points post them here and we'll all help you shooot in down in flames, We also can fight dirty and bite harder.


  wallbash 21:15 26 Sep 2004

Father of two (pray for me) I rather my girls at least told me they had kazza (which they have and did tell) Beef up your safe guards and and think of all the worse things the boy could be getting up too (thank your lucky stars)

Leave him alone ( shock , horrer)

When it installs it does install spyware so I would remove it using VoGs method. However, I have the set-up file for a spyware free version of Kazaa called Kazaa Lite (which is no longer available) so if you want it, just e-mail me using the yellow envelope by my name and I'll send you it.

Kazaa is a good source for pornography so I would recommend enabling parental control on it in the options.

  GuyR 21:24 26 Sep 2004

I have Kazza lite, obtained via a kazza search so get the max speed rating without having to do loads of uploads.

touch wood I have no viruses, but have AVG 7.0, Aaware, spybot all installed and used to run kerio firewall.

Have never had a problem with it but maybe just lucky.

  wallbash 21:28 26 Sep 2004

We talking 17 year old boy, possibly more clueded up on the workings ( and controls) of the computer than the average parent. Any ideas of software which limits the kids search will fail. Hormones are stronger than us poor parents.

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