gingerfox 15:04 28 Mar 2004

can any one tell me what i can do to make my downloading faster im using aol 1mb broadband and im not impressed for example if i down load a song and it says loading time 30secs it will take 5mins and when idown a certain album most of the songs are the same and only play about 40secs each song

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:08 28 Mar 2004

The song will only play for as long as the song is i think you are dloading samples of the song not all the song most songs are longer than 40 secs as for the dload speed and time that depends on other peoples connection as well and how many people are dloading the same thing and how far it is away from you.Dont use Kazza for music to many headaches involved good luck.


  mammak 15:30 28 Mar 2004

Sounds like your getting what your paying for or not as the case may be lol.

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