Kaspersky update and frozen cursor

  exdragon 21:00 14 Aug 2010

Hi - more problems. I updated Kaspersky to 11, rebooted when told to do so but the cursor is frozen in the middle of the screen, with a dialogue box saying Kaspersky is already activated and to press Next, which I can't do.

It's Win XP, by the way.

Things tried: new mouse batteries (wireless), USB mouse, power off/on, Safe Mode (but unable to select as keyboard arrows won't work), changed wireless keyboard for USB one, ctrl>alt>delete doesn't work, booting from Acronis CD, can't get to system restore.....

Have I missed something obvious?

Ronalddonald, please don't suggest Linux mint!

  rdave13 21:08 14 Aug 2010

" Ronalddonald, please don't suggest Linux mint!"
You owe me a new screen cleaner as it's dripping with the coffee I was trying to drink!!
Have you tried to get to the bios when booting up. On my systems it's tapping the delete key. Yours might be different. If you can see if you can enable usb in DOS or something similar to your set-up. Just be carefull and if you set it to enable press enter then in the 'home' screen select yes to save and exit. Key functions shows at bottom of screen.

  exdragon 21:30 14 Aug 2010

Sorry about that!! Yes, I've tried every combination of everything I can see. Blasted thing just ends up in the same spot.

  rdave13 21:41 14 Aug 2010

If you have ps/2 connections can you borrow keyboard and mouse to try?

  exdragon 21:47 14 Aug 2010

No PS2 mouse, but have tried another wired keyboard. I think I'll leave it unplugged overnight in the hopes that the PC fsiry will pay a visit.

But I'm not holding my breath!

  rdave13 21:48 14 Aug 2010

I don't like suggesting restoring the bios to default as you might lose some updated advantages.
Though the first thing I do on a new PC is to return bios to default. Always works better for me.

  exdragon 21:52 14 Aug 2010

Hmm, bit dubious about that, I'm afraid

  rdave13 21:58 14 Aug 2010

Accepted. Then I never flash the bios for the same reasons.
Do you have ps/2 connections?

  exdragon 22:04 14 Aug 2010

I can get a PS2 to USB converter tomorrow, so will give that a go - thanks

  rdave13 22:15 14 Aug 2010

If the motherboard does not support ps/2 I don't think it will help.

  rdave13 22:21 14 Aug 2010

Time to go to Kapersky forums, if they have one, and ask for help. Even better call them as, if you pay for security and it buggers up your PC, they have a duty to rectify it.

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