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  itnein 20:19 28 May 2013

I have a nine year old pc (Windows XP Home) with KIS 2012. The subscription has almost run out and I want to buy another copy of KIS 2012 and put it on my pc instead of KIS 2013, because it is much cheaper and I am worried that KIS 2013 will slow my old pc down. Can I do this? If so, will I have to remove the existing copy of KIS 2012 from my pc before uploading the new copy from the cd/dvd, or can I just put in the new activation code?

  onthelimit1 08:58 29 May 2013

Why not just use a free one such as Avast or MSE - many of this forum members do so without problems.

  spuds 11:57 29 May 2013

If its an upgrade disk or download, then straight over the existing program.

But like what as already been suggested, why pay, when you can get something that works well, for free?.

  itnein 12:58 29 May 2013

I much appreciate the information about freeware but I really want to use Kaspersky as I like the total package covering antivirus, malware, firewall etc and am used to it. Can anyone tell me if I can do what I would like to do and install a new KIS2012 package (which I can buy very cheaply and do not have to worry about the extra bells and whistles of KIS2013 slowing my pc down further). Do I have to remove the existing KIS2012 that is about to expire, or can I just run the new KIS2012 from the cd/dvd and put in the new activation code, or can I just enter the new activation code on the existing 'Manage Licence' screen without removing the old copy and installing the new copy?

  spuds 13:27 29 May 2013

Having just checked the Kaspersky forum, there seems to be the suggestion that you can install directly over the original (which i suggested at 11.57AM), yet there is also the suggestion that it is wiser to un-install the origin version first.


  spuds 13:30 29 May 2013

There's something wrong with the link, but the information is of the Kaapersky support forum.

  jaywoo 20:21 29 May 2013

No need to install anything if you're not upgrading, unless there's a minor update to the version you're using. Get the new activation code from inside the box if you buy a physical product, likely in an email if you purchase a downloadable version instead, just paste into the appropriate box in your existing Kaspersky.

Instructions here; http://support.kaspersky.com/7243

  jaywoo 20:23 29 May 2013

Obviously, click the Renew button, not the Buy button as shown on that page.

  itnein 21:40 29 May 2013

Thank you Spuds and Jaywoo for your help. On my Manage Licence page there are only two buttons 'Enter Activation Code' and 'Buy Activation Code'. There does not seem to be a 'Renew' button. Does that appear after I enter the activation code?

  Terry Brown 12:20 30 May 2013

A cheaper Option.

If you have a Barclay's bank account, they will supply Kaspersky for free, If you do not; Open an account with them and deposit a small amount (say £10) to open the account, then go online to register it, and click the Kaspersky link. After a few days , you will get an email with the code for a year. As long as you have a small sum in this account, it can be renewed every year,You do not have to use the account to benefit from this.

I use XP Pro, and I upgraded to the 2013 version and it caused no end of problems, stick with 2012.


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