Kaspersky and 'forbidden' sites!

  GG22 15:03 05 Dec 2007

Below I have pasted a copy of what Kaspersky appears to be doing to a number of sites I wish to enter - I've even seen it on link pages to other sites I have visited, denying whatever image it is to be shown.

I have tried altering the reports and data files by checking the 'log non-critical events', but I have had no luck. As good as it is, I do find Kaspersky difficult to get around.

This problem has happened a few times, but it's only today that I realised what is actually happening.

I would appeciate any advice that might help me?

Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0
The requested URL click here is forbidden

  Graham. 15:50 05 Dec 2007

Is Parental control kicking in? Try turning it off.

  birdface 17:29 05 Dec 2007

This from another thread,Last bit.click here Kaspersky is causing a few problems.

  GG22 19:54 05 Dec 2007

Thanks to both of you. Graham's suggestion certainly 'opened' up the e-card site that was being blocked, and Buteman your advice may be equally helpful if I'm stuill plagued - which I feel I might be - but at least I have a bit more knowledge now. Thanks to both of you.

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