Kaspersky Firewall

  SeatonSnipe 17:46 03 Jan 2008

I installed KIS 7 early in Dec. It worked OK until 17th Dec when the firewall prevented me from accessing my print server or LAN. Tech support took 2 weeks to reply to query (OK it's Xmas but still slow)and suggested checking Firewall Filtration Zones. These were set correctly and I replied back to them but no response. Has anyone any idea what might be the problem. Incidentally Windows Firewall is switched off and I have XP home SP2. Also, everything works fine if I turn off Kaspersky Firewall - so it is defintiely the culprit

  birdface 19:43 03 Jan 2008

Delete it run C Cleaner then reinstall it.

  Press Man 22:17 03 Jan 2008


Before you delete and reinstall, go to control panel/network connections and right click on your lan and then properties. Under the General Tab look for "NDIS" (or similar) and uninstall it. This is part of KIS 7 and is known to cause problems, as it did with me!!

  SeatonSnipe 22:59 03 Jan 2008

Thanks Press Man, I tried that but no joy. Buteman - What is C Cleaner and how do I use it. Also I gather Kaspersky is a pain to uninstall - any help appreciated.

  birdface 23:53 03 Jan 2008

C Cleaner.click here Just run the cleaner and Registry parts.Make sure you up-date it first.It will ask if you want to back up the registry.Its up to you i have never used it yet.But I suppose that I may regret it someday.Also go into Options and cookies.Any cookies that you want to keep move them to the right hand box the others in the left box will be deleted when C Cleaner runs.

  SeatonSnipe 09:19 04 Jan 2008

Buteman - Sorry to be a bore, but just one other question, do you mean that I should uninstall or disable just the Kaspersky Firewall or should I uninstall the whole of KIS.

  birdface 09:24 04 Jan 2008

If you hold on I will try and find another thread with the same problem,Now I am not sure if it was the firewall or anti-virus that he had to change,But I will post it on here when I find it.

  birdface 09:36 04 Jan 2008

Ok this is the one if you read the last part and see if that helps.Obviously you will be looking to see if anything there fixes your problem.click here And if you still have no success the last resort would be to remove Kaspersky completely,Run C Cleaner then reinstall but only as a last resort.

  SeatonSnipe 13:58 04 Jan 2008

I had tried the trusted site concept that was mentioned at the end of the thread, but no joy. I have uninstalled KIS, run CCleaner and reinstalled KIS but the firewall is still blocking my computer's access to print server. The Kaspersky Forum does not throw any light. Any other ideas

  SeatonSnipe 14:53 04 Jan 2008

Further to my last, I decided that, having had no response from Kaspersky lab via e-mail, I would try phoning using their premium rate number. I have to say that the guy could hardly have been less helpful, suggesting that I do not bother with the Firewall since it was unnecessary as I had a firewall in my router. I am left to wonder what the point is of having an Internet Security Suite if he is correct. He even left me wondering whether he had any form of knowledge about KIS, considering some of the questions that he asked me.

  birdface 12:09 05 Jan 2008

If you would like to try this one.click here When it opens Just delete anything belonging to Kaspersky and leave the rest.If you run C Cleaner again.then reinsall Kaspersky.Its worth a try if nothing else works.

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