Kaspersky ending - free comodo internet security?

  pookie 10:14 15 Mar 2009


windows xp sp3 on personal computer.

I have kaspersky internet security (paid for) on it but license is ending soon. I have seen some people recommend free comodo internet security.

I have seen skidzy big post of free internet security applications but question is is it worth renewing kaspersky for another year or is anyone using the free comodo and do you rate it?

many thanks


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:18 15 Mar 2009

There is no point in any home user paying for security. Use Avast AV click here and Superantispyware free version click here and you will have more than enough protection. Both will auto-update so you can just leave them to get on with the job.


  pookie 10:25 15 Mar 2009

Thanks G

If that leaves the firewall then i'll use comodo pro (free) as i've read people having issues with free zonealarm firewall


  pookie 10:43 15 Mar 2009

i see avast has anti spyware built in. does it block/shield spyware coming through and you use superantispyware to remove any that do get through? or is there any conflict on shields between avast and superantispyware?

  Belatucadrus 10:59 15 Mar 2009

Superantispyware free version is a slightly cut down package without the realtime shield, it's just a backup scanner/cleaner and I'm not aware that it has any issues with any anti virus software. The Pro version on the other hand could clash, though I'm not aware of any actual occasions when it has. It would however be duplicating part of what avast does for free, so paying for it would be overkill.

  pookie 11:04 15 Mar 2009

ah - many thanks. I'm not closing this post yet as would still be interested in feedback on comodo internet security free version anyway. I think comodo don't help themselves by having sooooo many free products with many seeming to do all or part of what some of their other free products offer.


  ^wave^ 11:47 15 Mar 2009

i use avg free and comodo firewall i have never had a problem

  scubaseven 12:00 15 Mar 2009

Comodo seems good
almost too good
you have to turn it off when uninstalling sometimes as it prompts you 5-6 times
avast is good
it wont even let me go to some forum pages that have no real malware on them
am trying rising antivirus and that seems good also.

  Belatucadrus 12:06 15 Mar 2009

I've been using Comodo internet security on my laptop for some time and quite like it, it's light on memory resources and the defense+ module allows you to lockdown a clean system very well. The only real issues I have with it are the lack of an e-mail scanner, odd when the beta had one and the lack of testing by independent outsiders like ICSA or VirusBulletin. Comodo sell the pro version so presumably have faith in their own product, why not submit it to the big name independents to get it certified ?

  provider 2 12:29 15 Mar 2009

Comodo firewall works fine with Avast but I think some users find Defense+ (part of the upgraded firewall) a bit fiddly, especially if you are unfamiliar with the scrolling down thing to tell it what sort of prog you are installing.

Also some have inadvertantly installed Comodo Internet Security (the whole shebang, firewall, Defense+ and Comodo AV) when all they really wanted was the firewall.

If it`s lean and mean you are after, then an earlier version will give you a perfectly good firewall without the bells and whistles. Version works well with XP:

click here

  provider 2 12:46 15 Mar 2009

Forgot to mention, many of the recent updates have to do with CIS, Vista compatibility, and fixes for problems with Comodo AV:

click here

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